Thursday, July 13, 2006

And now, here are some pics I owe you:

First, the package of Kickass Japanese Kitsch from Rachelle:

Look at all that cool stuff! Lemme just tell ya, you haven't lived until you've nibbled on a pretzel that tastes like peas. Would I kid you??

And I want to send a long overdue thank you to my One-Skein Secret Pal for this beautiful skein of ArtFibers Yarn:

The colors are phenomenally beautiful!! I have to find a pattern that does it justice. And yes, I am a total schmuck for not posting this before.

And yes, the rumors are true... LUCY LIVES!!

Here are some pics of The Evolution of Lucy.

Lucy, prefelted.

Here's the aftermath of my battle with Kitchener Stitch. My second attempt was much better than my first, as you can see.

I was so proud of myself. For about five seconds.

Here's when I realized my error. I twisted the strap before I sewed it on to the body of the bag. GAH!

Now there was NO WAY I was going to undo the Kitchener bidniss I'd just finished tying off, so I went ahead and felted it. Then I had this genius idea to cut the strap, untwist it, re-sew it back together and hand-felt it to look like the rest of the bag. It actually kinda worked.

So, with no further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Lucy!

I used Galway Heather wool and some of the gorgeous RAK yarn from Dkswife.

The purple was starting to remind me of Barney, and we can NOT have that, so I wanted to add some stripes and I couldn't decide which color I liked best so I added one of each and it looks like the flag of a European nation but I don't know which one.

I don't think I made the long strap long enough. I was getting bored with it, frankly, so I probably should have made it a lot longer. As it is, it's a little awkward wearing it on my shoulder.

I took it with me to the airport yesterday when I dropped Beebie off for her trip to Texas.

Can I just say that I hate how the place where you're supposed to meet your plane is called the Terminal? I mean, I get that it means "end", but when a doctor says that a patient is Terminal, it means that they're going to die. Do I need to be reminded of death right before my kid gets on a plane? Can we change Plane Terminal to Plane Takeoff/Landing Place? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

And can I also just say to the Lambert Aiport Parking Garage Management Goons that if your little ticket-spitting machine issues me a ticket, I assume that means that there's a parking space for me? I don't think I should have to pay for the FORTY minutes I spent LOOKING FOR A SPACE that you assured me was there. Forty minutes, people - no exaggeration. I eventually had to stalk a family all the way back to their car. I felt like such an ass, but Beeb was crying in the back seat "Maybe God doesn't want me to go on my trip... maybe something bad is going to happen!" And I just couldn't take it.

She made it safely and has only called me six times since 5pm last night.
Update: SEVEN.

Finally, A Public Service Message about The Dangers of Overfelting.

Here's the hat I promised Pie.

I thought it would look cool felted. Obviously, it doesn't. Beeb said Pie looked like an Irish Peasant. I apologize to anyone who might be offended by that, especially any Irish Peasants who happen to read this blog.

I tried to stretch it out - even took it with me so I could keep stretching it when I took the Apes to see the cinematic masterpiece Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - but it just didn't work. So I told Pie it was his Popcorn Hat. I rationed out his portion of the $6 Giant Vat O' Popcorn we bought into it. He loved it, but he did mention that his popcorn tasted furry.

And, guess what, kids?? There's been an Update to the Fuggablog!!! The Fug's gone International! How Fuggin cool is that!!

Fuggin' Up The Southern Hemisphere!


Skye said...

Please forgive my knitting ignorance here, but how do you felt something? That's a really cool effect.

Penny Karma said...

It's knit out of 100% wool, and then you wash it in the machine (or by hand) it shrinks up really really tight - like when you accidentally put a wool sweater in the dryer, only on purpose.

It's SO fun. Felted purses are awesome. One of my favorite felted purse patterns is the Booga Bag:

Skye, you should take up knitting! There's a whole support group of certified goofballs in the Coffeeshop at I took a class at Michael's about a year ago, anybody can learn to do it!

Jenn said...

You like Japanese stuff too? I like you more and more all the time. Judging by your Soap Opera name, I think you may live near where I work. Up for a lunch sometime?

cpurl17 said...

PK, that bag is supercute and the photo of Pie is priceless.

And the highlight of my day? Finding out there is an update to the Fuggablog!

Jennifer said...

I'm loving the Lucy bag. I'm glad you added the extra colors. Barney would not be a good look.

Ali said...

I like how you worked out your lucy-bag-handle-bidness. It looks great!

Lissa said...

Why don't you dampen the bag and carry some heavy books around in it? I'm sure the strap will stretch...

Skye said...

Thanks, Sarah... I may do that! I do actually know the basic knitting stitch. I can cast on stitches and make rows, but I've forgotten how to cast off at the end! I'll look into it, though. Now that my Gran's not around any more, I guess it's up to me to carry on the knitting tradition.