Monday, February 06, 2006

Ya Know What Really Pisses Me Off?

I'll tell you.

I hate how FREAKIN many different kinds of TAMPONS are available to me as a woman of child-bearing age. Ya got yer Regulah, Soopah, Soopah Plus, Soopah Doopah Ultimate Multi Platinum, Extra Special Supah Dupah Maximum with a Twist of Lemon... Sweet LORD!!!

The LAST thing a woman wants when she's PMS'ed out is to have to make a Major Decision. And especially if your General Pervading Shopping Guideline is to go for whatever is the Most Economical - Don't even put a math problem in mah face when it's mah girly time, OH KYE?

Jeez, I was about to spit fiery nails at the beeyotch who snagged the last 36 pack of Kotex.

May she be stricken with Hideously Unbearable Cramps.



ben said...

i would intimidated if a woman bought the super maxis
id be like no way were gonna be intimate
they look like cotton louisville sluggers

Kevin said...

This post brings to mind a bit of comedic glory, only it's regarding pads instead of tampons. Keep in mind that this is a male comedian.

"I got a sample of the new-and-improved Always Maxi pad... with "wings"... and optional sunroof. Imagine my surprise! I guess that's better than calling them "Some-of-the-times". It's huge! If I were wearing that, i wouldn't feel "confident". I'd be nervous. I'd be walking around all day thinking, "Oh god, I hope I don't fall in a puddle." Sllluuuurrppp!