Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Pie, Master of the Impish Grin

Ry's bed arrived today, quite an event. We dismantled the crib, which made me a little sad. In the last month we've gotten rid of the changing table, the stroller and the crib I got for my baby shower when I had Nat. My baby shower was mainly attended by my mom's friends, who'd known me my whole life, since they'd gone to the church I grew up in. And there I was, the minister's daughter, unwed and pregnant. I remember feeling embarrassed for my mom that day, but it turned out to be an incredibly moving outpouring of support and unconditional love that astounds me to this day. The shower was almost 9 years ago but very clear in my memory, so getting rid of the baby stuff, well, it was hard.

Still, Big Boy Bed Day was funny. We put a new Bob the Builder sheet set on Ry's old bed for Tommy and he FUH-LIPPED. Two syllables, y'all. It was SO cute. And when the delivery guys got here, Ry was on the computer, so he was completely oblivious. We got the bed all set up, and the delivery guy asked if he could use our bathroom. DOH! I wish I'd cleaned it, but I figured, shoot, he can see we have kids, so hopefully he's not expecting spotlessness.

I meant to mention to him that there wasn't a lock on the door because Ry kept accidentally locking himself in the bathroom. In fact, one time Ry climbed up on the sink and his big belly got stuck on the edge of the sink and he couldn't get down - if it hadn't been so pitiful it would have been hilarious - but anyway...

Yeah, it entered my mind to warn the guy. But, like so many other things that pass through my mind in a typical day, the thought didn't stay embedded in my short-term memory for long. I think I was distracted by the Mace Windu sheets.

You see where this is going, don't you?

I was making the bed up all nice for Ry, and I heard Tommy's little footsteps in the hallway. Before I could decide whether stopping Tommy would be faster than yelling out a warning to the delivery guy, Tommy had already opened the bathroom door. Fortunately, Mr. Delivery Guy was just washing his hands, but still. Whoops. Shoulda warned him. I apologized profusely, and he was extremely good-natured about it. God, I was embarrassed, both by the state of my bathroom and by my 3-year-old who's clearly never seen a closed bathroom door in our house before. Sorry if that's TMI.

So tonight should be interesting. Tommy is spending his first night in a bed he can easily climb into and out of. And Ryan is sleeping with Mace Windu. And I'll be taking that last Lunesta, my friends.


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! That's not TMI--that's standing operating procedure in my house too! ;-)

DomesticOverlord said...

Our crib went rather without ceremony when I was trying to change the sheets onday and lost my grip on the rack the matress rested on. That sucker tore through the plastic clips that held it up and it was worthless. So we bought another (used) one that went into storage about two months later when we moved in with my mom. SO I guess technically we still have one but it ain't gettin' used again.