Monday, February 20, 2006

Feelin' The Love! The Legend of Fingall Fergus

So on Friday I got not one but two lil snail mail surprises from Secret Pals! One was a post card from the French Quarter (is that a clue?) with some words of encouragement from one mom to another:

"Courage doesn't always roar; sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the say that says 'I'll try again tomorrow.'" - Mary Anne Radmacher

That made my day.

And secondly, the lovely Monkeemaven, on behalf of my Super Duper SP (which is a whole new SP ballgame that I'm not even fully sure I understand), sent me a pack of seeds that will grow into a pretty Cosmos clinging vine if it ever gets warm enough for me to plant them. And I don't know if I'm supposed to be reading some subtext here or what, but I guess that's part of the game.

Recently Spotted: A Penny_Karma Appreciation thread on the ol' Knitty board which was awesome! It was begun by PK's Good Karma Fairy,who is apparently pretty darn cool. Somewhere in there Monkeemaven claims to be scared of me. I think maybe she heard me talking about the lil bitty crush I have on my Local Meteorologist and she equated Crush with Stalkee, and hey, I understand. But I'm not like that. I would never stalk the man, I have too much professional admiration for him. The morning show he's on would totally suck without him. AND I found a clip of him singing with his band BamBeno. I thought I'd share it with you so you all can be Zimmermaniacs too.

Let me bring you up to date on the weekend - Saturday Beebie got to go over to a friend's house so I took the boys to the big fat yarn sale at Hobby Lobby. I got some pretty yarn for $1.99/skein and it wasn't an impulse purchase because I know what I'm going to do with all the yarn I got. I think I'm going to give up buying yarn for Lent. Hopefully that will force me to work through my stash and finish up some UFO's I have lying around.

Then on Sunday we celebrated the First Annual Fingall Fergus Day. It's kinda like Mr. Costanza and Festivus, we invented the holiday ourselves just to be silly. Fingall Fergus was the name of a wrestler I created on the N64 game we used to have, before I sold it for $50 to a jealous backstabbing bitch co-worker who lied to our boss and tried to get me fired when I was 7 months pregnant (with a baby that the whole office knew might not survive - Mr. Pie).

Enter Karma - I quit before I got fired and in my desk I left a big, neatly organized file of evidence detailing everything she had done to try to make me look bad but, addressing each issue individually, I left no doubt that I was doing my job and she wasn't doing hers. Sadly, I didn't stick around to find out if anybody saw it. I figure, at the very least, SHE had to see it when she was cleaning out my desk, and if she did, I'm sure it was more than enough to make her feel like the enormous piece of dried up dogsh*t that she is.

But that story isn't really what Fingall Fergus is about. It's just that thinking about the N64 made me remember that my N64 is currently residing in a skanky trailer in Belleville, Illinois just because I needed the money at the time to buy Nat a Christmas present. Perhaps Fingall Fergus Day should, like Festivus, incorporate the Traditional Airing of Grievances or some other Reflection upon Those Who Have Pissed Us Off in Years Past. I'll have to remember that for Fingall Fergus '07.

So anyway, Fingall Fergus Day is a family day which Beeb and I tried to make up on Saturday. We're kinda trying to figure out which things we can have as traditions in the future. We had a lot of fun ideas but with little kids, of course we have to allow for flexibility in scheduling. We had waffles for breakfast which was fun, and then I asked the Jackinape Trio to start cleaning up the living room. I even gave specific tasks to each one. And an hour later, nothing had been done. There was still trash on the floor, socks and cups under the sofa, crap everywhere. I never even go in the living room because it's always such a freakin pit and it just depresses me.

I got a little angry, did a little screaming, grabbed a trashbag and started pitching toys. That gave the kids a clue that I WAS, in fact, SERIOUS. So I spent the morning emptying each box and re-categorizing the contents so that all the Legos were together, all the wooden blocks were together, everything. It took me about 4 hours. But the best thing about the day was that R got me a DYMO Letra Tag Label Maker and I made labels for every box of toys. Now hopefully, this new-found organization will spill over into the basement and I'll tackle the Playroom today. I doubt I'll get much help until I use the Proven "Pick it up or I'm throwing it away" Method.

Ry got a new Harry Potter XBox game, Teeny got a new Thomas Train, R got Season Two of Due South on DVD. We had lunch at Sonic and then after bath and storytime we put the boys to bed so R, Beebie and I could play Mall Madness for the Title of Fingall Fergus King/Queen. R was the winner, King of Fingall Fergus Day. So, until next year -

A Beamish Fingall Fergus Day!
Oh, Frabjous Day! Callooh, Callay!

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