Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday! But Wait - There's More!

Self Potrait Time!

"Funny, she doesn't look like a stalker..."

There's me at Vintage Vinyl (the coolest record store evah), right after I dropped off Glenn Zimmerman's Groundhog's Day gifties at the Station. Don't I look fetching?

Good thing the Z-man didn't come out to greet us in the lobby, or surely the Proverbial Sparks would have been a-Sizzlin'.

And now, I'd like to say a word about Lunesta.


When I woke up Monday morning, I estimated that I had slept a total of about 7 of the previous 72 hours. Last night I took a Lunesta at 10pm and slept ALL THE WAY until 6am!!! I couldn't believe it. If only Lunesta didn't retail for like $3 a pill. I got a sample from my doctor and I've got one pill left that I'm saving for a special occasion.

Next, the DVD movie rental review section of this post, brought to you by Blockbuster Online, which is the ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIE RENTAL DEAL going. I will review each movie in 3 words or less. Here we go -

The Constant Gardener: NOT English Patient.
In Her Shoes: Better than OK.
Roll Bounce: Wholesome Pre-teen entertainment.

I'm counting the hyphenated word as one word.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I thought Constant Gardener was a bit of a snoozer. It could have been a lot better, but just fell flat.

Murderball was Awesome!

ben said...

i wish hollywood would get creative again
theres been so little to watch
the best movie ive seen in a while was the older movie equilibrium
i dug it