Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend - 1 for 3.

Beebie and her friend Violet rocked it at the music competition, earning the highest possible score! Check it out!

Oh, and as a bonus... THE COWBELL PERFORMANCE!!!
Cowbell kid is on the far left, Princeton is on the far right.

Tito's soccer games, however, did not go so well. They lost both of them. I put an orange shirt under his uniform shirt to make him easier to spot in pictures. The things I do for you kids...

There he is, number 3.

Mackin' on the ladies. . .

Making sure Dad's taking pictures. He is.
You have to click the pic to really see Tito.


Kev said...

You take such good care of us Penny. Without the orange shirt, I never would have known which one Tito was!

Elspeth said...

Princeton is so cute! And more cowbell, how can we resist?

SiressYorkie said...

I am REALLY impressed with those musical perfomances, but I really have to ask:

The percussion piece? What was its name? Official Sounding Tension Building Movie Music? It sounded like something you'd hear as astronauts are prepping to board the shuttle or as someone's dismantling (or possibly building) a bomb out of a couch cushion, a chess piece, and a twist of hay.