Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I totally have to share this.

This is when I wish I had all of your phone numbers, cuz this like, JUST fuckin happened. I'd call you up right now, my BFF, and say Ohmygod, get this.

Ok... you know how I love to see what searches lead people to my blog? Joey Lawrence Bulge, for some reason, is one that I've seen pop up (pun totally intended) many times. And Post-Coital Waffles will direct you here, too.

The one search that's far and away the most popular is Swollen Uvula. Swollen Uvula has gotten so many hits, I edited the entry to encourage people to stop and read the rest of my blog. By the way, if you found me through some random search and just decided to stick around, I'd love to know what brought you here.

Unless it was Joey Lawrence Bulge.
In that case, just GET THE FUCK OUT.

I get a little freaked out when I see that someone was searching for something creepy. I can't help imagining what that person was hoping to find.

Anyway, today I saw that someone found my blog by searching for the phrase "Almost Boobs". It gave me a schadenfreudenous smile to imagine that some freaky perv looking for kiddie porn thought he hit the fuckin jackpot, but instead got THIS picture...

of Linda the troll with her boobs almost sitting on her belly.

Serves you right, Kiddie Fiddler!


Kev said...

My freakiest search has been "men suck each other"

And I love the fact that at least for a while, a Google search for "penny karma" had a link to *my* blog before the link to yours.

Rip said...

"Pot roast and Porn" makes me laugh. Google that and you're right up there, and it takes a lot to float to the top of the porn world.

Stickyfingers said...

Kay, I NEED you to let me in on how to figure this out. For real. I would so love to know!

Rachel said...

And thanks to a single comment you left for me two years ago I still get 'joey lawrence bulge' hits as well as 'belinda carlisle naked'. It's the gift that keeps on giving.