Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Felicitaciones a mi!

If age is experience, and experience is wisdom, and wisdom is beautiful, then I am thirty-eight years beautiful today. Thank you, thank you.

I received an unintentionally hilarious card from my in-laws. And I'll say this for my MIL, she does a great job of selecting cards that she clearly chose with you in mind. Allow me to share the transcript:

For a Wonderful Daughter-In-Law

A daughter-in-law is someone dear
Whose sweet and thoughtful way
Makes you love her a little bit more
With every passing day...

(here comes my favorite part)

She has a way of adding
Her own touch to family fun,
So you're especially happy
That she's married to your son.

She's someone you admire
For her warmth and caring, too,
And that describes a daughter-in-law
As wonderful as you!


MY OWN TOUCH TO FAMILY FUN. I literally laughed out loud at that bit. Wouldn't they just shit themselves if they ever stumbled onto this blog and found out that the whole fucking world knows about the special PK touch that I add to Inlaw Family Fun?

Touch of artery-clogging butter, maybe...

And Warmth?? WARMTH???? That's not warmth, it's the radiant heat from my blood boiling inside of me.

I got yer fuckin Warmth, right HERE.

And, lastly, via Ubersexy Cary, is my birthday gift to YOU.

Check it out.


Cary said...


Fuck. Yes.

Happy birthday, PK. Thanks for the birthday gift.

KOFA said...

Yeah, it's obvious how lucky they feel they are to have you as a daughter-in-law.

Commenting on the science fair:
1.) Did anyone else notice the male gender symbol is inverted in the Music and Sex project? Could the girl in the plaid button-up shirt be expressing something, perhaps?

2.) I can't even begin to express how freakishly like my brother-in-law (when he was 14) the Garlic kid looks... Seriously, you could tell me somebody kept a picture of a science fair project he did, and I'd believe you 100%.

3.) Next year the Hotdog Effects student and the Juicy Beans guy should team up with the Hornets Basketball guy - assuming they can get him to branch out a little - and they could do a group study on ballpark chili dogs. If they really devote themselves to rigorous study, they might even convince the Eww... girl to join the team.

Word verification: peedlyd. That's what happens after a girl uses the boys' bathroom...

Kashmir Knitter said...

Happy birthday!

Aw, those poor science fair kids made me sad. My son has to do the science fair (his first one, he's WAY excited) next week, I hope he doesn't end up being mocked in the bloggosphere, I'll try to help him avoid puns.

Kevin said...

You can talk about your birthday all you want, but I'm still not singing to you. You seem like way too nice a person for me to do that to.

Here's to another another year of beauty to add to your tally.

Bezzie said...

Happy birthday!! Thank link is hilarious!

amylovie said...

Happy birthday cuz!


Stickyfingers said...

Happy Birthday you foxy thing!

Jezabell said...

Happy Birthday PK. I hope you got something more than McDonald's for dinner but as long as you didn't have to cook you said you would be happy. Hats off to you for making 38 look not only damn good but sexy!

Zonda said...

Haha! Happy Birthday!

Ferris Family said...

Happy birthday! That link just made my night, made me spit some coffee out.

Trillian42 said...

Happy birthday to one of my fave people! That card is priceless.

And does NO ONE in the science fair understand basic posture? Seriously - someone needs to do a project on slouching and its detrimental effect on you ever getting a date!

Disco said...

Animal Magnetism!!!! LMFAO

Happy Birthday :0)

Rosi G. said...

Happy bday!!! That link is funny as hell!

Batty said...

Happy Birthday! Special family fun, eh?

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday dearie!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!