Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Penny's Pride. And Joy.

I don't know why I didn't write about it last time while I was writing about PSR because it would have given Beeb's teacher's comments on her report card ("always had thoughtful comments to contribute to the class discussions") some perspective.

I left this comment on KOFA's blog yesterday, after he'd written about GLBT rights in reaction so something his mom had written on her own blog (and please don't go hatin' on his mom, she's sweet):

Beebie and I have been talking about gay marriage recently. I love openly discussing her opinions on different topics. She's quite adept at defending her beliefs! I have to say it was one of my prouder moments as a parent when she came home from PSR (Parish School of Religion, required by the Catholic church) informing me that they had discussed some pretty heavy topics that day, including homosexuality.

She said that her teacher told them that homosexuality is a sin, and Beeb shared her own opinion with the class, even though it differed greatly from what she was being taught. She told the class that we can't help who we love. That's how I've always explained it to my kids. It's simple, and it makes sense to them. Makes sense to me, too.

It's important to keep in mind that extending the same rights that you have to someone else doesn't diminish your own rights. I liked how you said that.

Maybe I'll take you to Pridefest next year with Beebie and me. I have a Lilith Fair shirt you can borrow.

I was proud of Beebie not even necessarily because of what she was defending, but because she had the ballz to tell a teacher and the class, "Hey, y'know, I don't know if I agree with that. I don't think that's right..." when it might not have been popular or socially acceptable to do so.

I get a lot of shit wrong, I admit. I don't give myself a perfect score as a parent. I write about most if not all of the mistakes I've made. Some of them are, in my opinion, relatively minor - like the tv shows, movies and music I expose them to. Or maybe we just haven't yet seen whatever long-term damage it's going to do, I'll concede that. Maybe she'll be a potty-mouthed, crack-smoking juvenile deliquent. And if she is, whatever. I'll handle it. At least we'll like the same music.

But I want, above all else, for my children to be independent thinkers. I want them to feel like the world welcomes their questions and opinions, and that their parents encourage them to defy the mainstream - when they want to. R and I try to, when they ask questions, give them factual and age-appropriate information to the best of our knowledge, as unbiased as possible. And when they ask what I personally believe, I explain my own opinion as well as the reasons why someone might believe something different, so that they can see more than one side to the issue and make up their own minds.

I had been a little vocal about my disdain for the requirement of PSR and the outrageous cost, and some of my other issues with the Catholic church in general (and don't even get me started on Patron Saints), and I feared that some of it had rubbed off on the kids, but they went to PSR and I encouraged them to be enthusiastic and openminded and respectful of their teachers. And they enjoyed it, and that's great. I'm glad they weren't subversive assholes or anything.

So I was proud. So proud, in fact, I went to Pride! I took about 8 billion pictures on my phone. Here are some of my favorites.

It says VAGINA on that girl's black panties.

I thought this guy was just adorable.

And what's sexier than a Speedo? I mean, really?

I love drag queens. Especially when they're prettier than me.

Unlike this one.

Nothing really to say here.

The funny part was that it actually WAS raining men.

The Arch Rival Roller Girls!!!

Now this, I found a bit stereotypical.

I went with my Roller Derby pal Mysty. I told Beeb where I'd been, when I got home. Remember when I took you to Indigo Girls, Beebie? It was kinda like that, only with a parade and a huge park full of people.

Beeb asked me if Mysty and I "acted like a couple". It was cool that she asked. We're not, and we didn't, if you were wondering the same thing.

Ok, enough Pride. On to JOY!

Pie had been telling me that the waistbands on his panties were bothering his skin. His big belly is hard to fit, and he wears his pants and panties down low under his belly, like a little old man. Even when he was little if we'd pull his pants up to where his natural waist would be, he's pull them back down. When he was a baby we used to put suspenders on him. It's horrible to say, but it really was funny.

Anyway, we needed to get Pie some bigger panties. Then of course, Beeb piped in that she wanted new panties too. And Tito didn't want to be left out, so he got Batman Underoos.

And recently I've had a craving for Skittles.

So we were going to go to Target. Then I remembered that I've also had a craving for beer, and Target doesn't sell beer, so R and I drove a little farther to WalMart.

Some days, kids, the planets align and the heavens open up and God and His angels smile down on us. Today, however, we stirred the compassionate soul of St. Arnold, the Patron Saint of Beer .

I would have been satisfied with the Bud Select. But hey, look - they have Smithwicks! At WalMart! No shit! Let's get some!
Here's the tag.

It said a 6-pack of Smithwicks Ale was $1.14. Cheaper than a 20-ounce Diet Coke, for fuck's sake. That couldn't be right, could it? No way!

R was all set to go to the mat with whatever cashier tried to give us a hard time. He was TOTALLY, uncharacteristically, fired up. Nobody was going to deny my man his score. So we scanned it. And sure enough, it SCANNED at $1.14. R was a little disappointed that he didn't get to fight somebody.

We completely cleaned them out. We got five 6-packs of Smitty for less than the price of one 6-pack. UNBEFUCKINLIEVABLE!
I almost felt guilty about it. Almost.

So R and I went into Bonnie and Clyde mode and drove to three more WalMarts. We didn't get home until almost 11pm. We came up empty, and the gas we used probably negated what we saved on the beer, but it was an adventure!

And besides, Bonnie and Clyde mode is arousing...
Partners in Crime.


Mysty said...

I totally wish I had in on that $1.14 6-pack of Smits! Sheesh! Envious. B-Diddy says we should get like, 15 packs.

Trillian42 said...

A six-pack of Smithwicks for $1.14? Holy crap! That's a serious steal!

And good for Beebie for standing up (respectfully) to the teacher. That's pretty impressive for a kid her age (Even when said kid has a mom as kickass as you.)

Kevin C said...

Hey trillian, look! "Adorable guy" is wearing a Utilikilt!

Helen said...

That is CRAZY. and that's good beer. dang.

I found at the SuperTarget the single bottles of beer? Normally they are like $1.50 per bottle. And then I notice a tag on the end that says .75. And I read it..Lienenkugals seasonal, it says...so I grab two bottles of the Summer Shandy and they don't scan at the register, but the price checker said they were that price. I didn't want to pick up too many or they'd wonder where the cardboard to the six-pack was, hehe

CBear said...

That Smith-y's - un-fucking believable stuff, no? I don't like beer much and I love that stuff!

I'm headed to WalMart right now --- just to see!

Thanks for the heads up and tell Beeb that she did good on voicing her opinion... it's important for her to know that she can speak up and be proud of how she feels and not have to be a sheep...

ZantiMissKnit said...

God fucking DAMN. I dream about finding scores like that -- dream about it, baby!!!

I missed Pride Day here. I haven't been to the Boston Pride Parade in over a decade. I went to the NYC Pride Parade in 2002, and it was tons of fun.

Anonymous said...

OMG I want a utilikilt. They are all the rage here.

So proud of Beebs for her ability to express her views. I taught a similar Catholic church class, and it is a fine line as a teacher. Well, when your views aren't exactly aligned with the Church. I expect to be excommunicated anyday now.

Loved the pride photos! And those drag queens ARE hot. So jealous.

Mmmm. Beer.

Bezzie said...

Cheap beer and drag queens. Who could go wrong?

Penny Karma said...

TOLD y'all I'm the best date ever!!!!

Carol said...

PSR is a requirement? how so? They won't let you in the door? I went to a catholic school and that wasn't any kidn of requirment. Is it local thing? inquiring minds need to know!

And I am totally jealous of your beer score! It cost me around $40 for a 28 pack up here....

JRS said...

You rock as a parent! I'm sure your kids will turn out great. I was blown away by Pie and Tito that time I met them. Pie is wise beyond his years; wise beyond most adults' years.

SiressYorkie said...

Bonnie and Clyde are the names I gave my tits about 15 years ago.

May that image swim before your eyes for ever as you swill your booze, you lucky sea hag.

Amy in StL said...

Now here's the question: Was the Smithwick's any good? I know it's normally really good, but I've often found that deals at Wal-mart lead to bad choices. I once accidentally bought expired soda there and also bought sandwich cookies where the halves were mis-aligned.

Stickyfingers said...

Ah, PK, I bow before your greatness. How DO you rock so hard? I hope my kid turns out as good as yours sound.

Batty said...

You're an awesome mom, PK! Ummm... would you consider adopting an almost 32-year-old woman?

Cora Zane said...

Forget the VAGINA panties, check out those cool rainbow kneesocks!!!

And congrats on your smitty score! I wish Seagrams 4 packs would go on sale. Isn't it wild that it's cheaper now to get alcohol than gas? Whodathunkit, ya know?

Poops said...

The best religious ed class I taught this year was the lively class discussion about "How to Be a Good Catholic Even When You Don't Agree With the Church."

I, too, expected to be excommunicated any day, but it turns out they don't do that so much anymore, and what I taught my kids about formation of conscience was actually right. Who knew?

I'm more interested in the Church Nazi. I must know more about her and her lime green pants. Who is she? What is her function in the parish? What are some of the fascist things she's done to the Karma family?

And how do you get an assigned parking place? How does that work? ($$$?)

I'm nosy today.