Monday, February 04, 2008

Tom Brady wears silky pink panties.

Ok, in fairness to Tom, I honestly have no idea if he wears silky pink panties or not. All I know is, had the Patriots won the Super Bowl, I would have had to go two full days without knitting a single stitch. And that would certainly have sucked.

But instead, my cool friend Cute Kevin's going to a yarn shop and picking out a lovely silk blend in his favorite shade of pink - because MY TEAM WON!!

WOO HOO!!!!!

I'm not a sore winner or anything.


Kevin said...

The question asked by several people that I have confessed this shameful loss to is this: What am I supposed to do with said yarn? Or alternatively, some have asked if I have to show proof of purchase, or just show the yarn. Don't worry, I'm not going to try and sneak by on that technicality.

cpurl17 said...

Yay! You won!

buttercup said...

Here I thought he was buying it FOR you. Maybe he needs to learn how to knit with it.



Robin said...

Gah. I should have bet my husband about the game. I knew that the Manning boy would pull out a victory. Congrats on your win. :)

Ed said...

Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me.