Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kevin's LYS Adventure!

This may the first time my blog entry has been written by someone other than myself. Kevin has his own blog, and it's great, but this story fit better on my blog than on his so I offered to let him type it up and I would post it here. Plus, Kevin's mom reads his blog, and while Kevin and I are truly friends and only friends (I promise), we understand that some people (our parents, in particular), might have a problem with a married chick being friends with a soon-to-be-divorced guy. And if she knew said married chick was making him buy pink yarn, we don't even need to go there.

Hell, my parents don't even know about Kevin yet (since I'm pretty sure my parents don't read my blog), and I don't even think I could explain it in a way that they could comprehend, but I assure you, R knows Kevin, and it's cool, so whatever. I really don't have to defend our relationship to y'all, do I? But I kinda felt obligated to say all that as a way of formally introducing him, seeing as how he's been commenting a lot lately as he's reading my blog through from the very beginning. Such devotion!

And, just for the record, I wanted to give him a task more complicated than simply Get Pink Yarn. I wanted him to have to ask for assistance, to get the full LYS experience. God forbid the man would come out with pink FunFur or something. And HE's keeping the yarn.

All that said, here's Kevin's SuperSecret Covert Blog Entry that his mother doesn't know about.

I walked into the LYS and was greeted by three ladies knitting at a table. One (the owner, I later found out) put down her knitting and asked if she could help me.

"Well, I'm on a mission," I said. "I lost a bet on the Super Bowl, so I have been tasked with obtaining a skein of pink or fuschia silk/merino blend." The owner looked through her shelves a bit, and then proclaimed she didn't have any silk/merino in pink.

The two other ladies had been paying a little attention and making some small talk here and there, but one of them (let's use some originality and call her Knitter 1) asked, "So who won?"

I was pretty sure that wasn't PK's usual LYS, but hey, who knows? This is PK after all, so with a short proviso of "I don't know if you know her..." I then dropped PK's name. In my head I imagined these ladies fawning all over me, saying things like, "Oh my god, you know her?" And the owner would press a button, music would play, and confetti and balloons would drop from the ceiling.

(cue record scratching sound)

"No, I mean who won the football game." Sorry, PK.

"The Jets," said Knitter 2. Oooh, so close.

The owner corrected Knitter 2, and then she and I swapped a little football talk, because she and her husband had watched the game too. (She was on my side. Her husband was rooting for the Giants.) Eventually the talk came back around to the bet. Well, the merino was not part of the original wager, so I said, "Well, she just said it has to be a silk blend. Do you have any silk blends in pink or fuschia?"

"I have a silk/wool blend in pink." The owner handed me a ball of faded pink yarn; I wasn't pleased with the color, but if that's what she had... "Or I have a bamboo/silk blend." Well, THAT set off some bells!

"Actually, I was also supposed to feel what bamboo felt like anyway."

"So you can kill two birds with one stone!"

"Exactly!" Well, just so I could say I've felt actual bamboo yarn, she let me fondle a skein that was roughly the color of a plantain. "Oh, I was also supposed to ask if you had any patterns or ideas for knitting some rope."

The owner tried looking for a pattern for me for an I-cord, but I told her that I was pretty sure PK already knew how to do an I-cord, since I've seen some purses of hers that are nearly identical to the ones hanging in the shop. So I bought the bamboo/silk blend and thanked the owner for her help, then walked out and sent a picture of myself in front of the yarn shop and a picture of the yarn to PK for proof of debt repayment. It occurs to me now that I should have taken a lot more pictures, with the help of the friendly knitters, to make this more of a photo journal. Sorry, PK.

Ok, and here's the best part. Afterwards, Kevin called me.

Me: Hello?


Yeah, Kevin. You're suuuuuuch a badass... as you leave a yarn shop with a pink silk/bamboo blend with a picture of Vickie Howell on it.


Kevin said...

In my defense, it was awesome not because of doing it, but because I was so willing to do it AND made it a bloggable experience. I didn't go in there all humble and nervous; I went in with a dash of bravado and daring-do! I knew what I was looking for, could actually use terms of the trade, and didn't get all bug-eyed when they used them. (I even knew what the owner meant by saying the purse's handle was felted and even studied the handle up close to get a sense of the structure.) We laughed, we conversed, I wrote a blog entry for you; I think I went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I don't know what I find more amusing, the fact he did this, or that he blogged about it for you...hee hee!

SiressYorkie said...

PK, I think you should release Kevin from your Kung Fu grip of Reparation and call it a day. It takes a mighty big set of cajones for a man to do what he did.

Good on ya, K-man.

turtlegirl76 said...

I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed it wasn't more covert. I mean, being up front and honest with them? Too easy.

Beverly said...

Kevin, you rock! Not even my adoring husband would set foot in a yarn shop, much less by himself to buy pink yarn.