Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Going With Plan B.

So last night R had to swallow his pride and take Reverend Aldi up on his offer to float us the amount of the insurance check until the title gets here.

And, in true Aldi form, the Reverend insisted that we cover the cost of the cashier's check.

So we're paying him back what we lent us, plus two dollars. Just like the paperboy from Better Off Dead.


I thought that was absolutely hilarious.

They blew us away by so generously offering to help us out, and yet deep down inside, they're still the cheapest people I've ever met.

Aaaaaanyway, one week from today we close on the house. And, quite coincidentally, October 3rd also happens to be my Bloggiversary! So in honor of both occasions, I will be having a contest. I haven't decided what it will be yet, but it will take place in October. And the prize will be something that both knitters and non-knitters can appreciate. Sound good? Excellent.

Wish me luck on my Cooter Rootin'!!


TrixieG said...

Luck on your Cooter 'Rootin. :-) Can't wait to see pics of the new house. Glad all got worked out with the finance issues.

olpp said...

Just remember, as the end of Better Off Dead (which is one of my most favorite movies ever) the Paper Boy went of the side of a cliff. So... you know. It all comes full circle.

I don't know what I'm saying.

Poops said...

Good luck at the gyno! I've always wanted to say that.

In an amazing coincidence, October 3 is my 9th wedding anniversary. Thus making that day a trifecta of threes, and insuring excellent luck with the closing.

It is meant to be. Mark my words.

Beverly said...

One of my favorite movies ever!

Bezzie said...

Ah it wouldn't be borrowing money from the Aldi's if it didn't involve paying for the cashier's check now would it?

I'll put your name on the cooter rootin' list!

cpurl17 said...

Boy I can't wait for this chapter of your book is over so I can get to the part where you're decorating your home...

sophanne said...

laughing my head off. never heard "cooter rootin'" last time it was the visit the principals (female) said, Oh, you're going to the Australia doctor(down under and all

Ed said...

I'll probably regret this but I have to ask.
What is "Cooter Rootin'?", he asked with a sense dread and fear.

The blogger formerly known as Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady and now known as Lizardsmells said...

Hey, darlin' :) I missed you and the other Sarah. I'm slowly getting my blogroll back together and I'm blogging in a new place now too :)

SiressYorkie said...

*pats Ed on the head* it's best not to imagine it. We certainly don't like to.

PK, I asked my parents to send me a box of long envelopes when we first moved here because I couldn't find any. I said it wasn't a rush, just when they were next at Wal-Mart to get me a box or two (they're what, $.79 a box?) and pop them in the mail they next time it was handy

They sent me 6 boxes Express Mail and made me pay them for the envelopes PLUS the rush postage they spent (round $12.00).

Yeah. They're petty people. I get your pain.

Elspeth said...

Two dollars.

That sounds similar to a friend's father visiting when we were in school. She invited me to dinner, but warned me that it would "cost $20". Usually my parents will pay for me and a friend (even now) when we go out for dinner, but I guess this guy was cheap. I was unimpressed and did not take them up on the offer of having dinner with them. I wonder if they would have asked me to chip in gas money too!