Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blogstalking #2

Purse Guts!

What's in your purse? What do you carry around with you everywhere you go? What must you have available to you at all times?

Knitting, lip gloss, a camera (obviously not pictured), and Xanax.
The rest is all trash, pretty much.

I shall point out the more interesting of my purse's contents.

The pink thing is the Knowknits pouch which houses my portable knitting projects when I'm not working on them in the parent pick-up line at school. At the moment I'm not happy with my current project but I'm not going to start over. I'm stubborn like that.

Next to it is a map of Grant's Farm, like I need one. I think one of the Apes gave it to me to hold because for some reason they always insist on picking one up when we enter. I'm pretty sure I could navagate the place blindfolded.

Near the bottom is my bottle of Xanax. I haven't taken one since the day I wrecked the car, which was two weeks ago today. It seems like longer, doesn't it? It's been a zany two weeks, fer shure.

There's a Mary Englebreit calendar so I can keep track of my demanding social life.

For some reason I carry my Science Center membership packet including parking passes and free Omnimax movie tickets in my purse, just in case I should want to swing by there on a whim.

I always carry a little notebook. I've done it forever. I love to write down gift ideas when I'm out shopping. I jot down funny things Pie says. Plus, it often comes in handy when we're waiting somewhere and the kids are bored. If you don't carry a little notebook with you, try it. You might be amazed at how often you use it.

Another thing I almost always have with me which you can't see is my camera, and extra batteries in case they die when I absolutely have to take a picture of something. And when I don't have a camera, I have a camera in my phone. I love technology.

Keys, sunglasses, makeup bag, Coca Cola lids (which will be entered at My Coke Rewards for free Blockbuster movies), and receipts make up the rest of my purse guts.

I wonder what Ed's going to do for this assignment.

Oh, and if you didn't see the 5pm update on yesterday's post, please take a moment.

In other news, as I try to keep my mind off of my duplicate title application's long long journey to the Capital City, I should thank Sherry (aka knitting-cat) for bailing me out of the Kureyon 139 bind I found myself in!

I had actually ordered some online, and when I didn't receive it after 11 days, I called to see what the deal was. Well, apparently they were out of it and, as I already knew, it's been discontinued. So Sherry's going to trade me, and my No Buying Yarn Since February Diet is still intact!


cpurl17 said...

If I was your neighbor, I'd be sneaking in your purse for your Xanax like the Minnie Driver character did in "The Riches"

Beverly said...

I don't currently carry a notepad in my purse, but I definitely will someday if we have kids. Can't tell you how many boring sermons my mom saved us kids from by having a notepad and a pen handy.

Ed said...

I always carry a pad, pen and torch when travelling.

Jo said...

What exactly is Grants Farm? You seem to like it an awful lot.

olpp said...

Oh my god. Ed carries a TORCH? WTF?
I thought a voo doo doll, plastic naked baby, and devil creature were weird, but a torch is weird.

Seriously, mon amie, I wanted to start taking Xanax over your title and all that.

Criosa said...

I have to assume that Ed is from the other side of the pond, because otherwise the visual of always having a torch on hand seems really funny.

I though it odd you'd have a map/brochure of Grant's Farm, considering it seems like a second home for you.

what's with Captain Underpants sneaking out of (or is it into?) the photo?

Bad Amy said...

I'd have Xanax in my purse too... if I could find the darned bottle! ;) I forget to carry it with me, and then, while freaking out in a busy mall, the DH will turn to me and say 'is this when I'm supposed to tell you to take a Xanax?' He's helpful like that.

I'm a mappickerupper too, but why? Why?

sillyrabbit said...

Oh, we should do glove box, because that's where I keep my FIVE torches (If I'm correct in assuming that what Ed calls a torch, we call flashlights?) all my passes to the fun stuff like your assortment here, and the notebook. Although you're totally right, and the notebook needs to move into the purse. Guess that means something's moving out...maybe it's time to serve the giraffe his eviction papers. Not everyone has a glovebox, though, huh?

Ed said...

Yes I carry a torch, but not all the time, only when going long distances, especially to places where the layout is new or different to what I'm used to, light switches.
And yes Ceiosa I'm from InGerLand *he he he*

Holly said...

We should all be so lucky to have xanax at the ready! Just sorry you had to come by it via an auto accident.