Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who's the best mom ever? ME.

Pie's class had a Mother's Day Breakfast (originally billed as Mothers' Tea, but tea was not actually served) last week, and among the festivities was the game "Figure Out Which Portrait On The Wall Is Supposed To Be You." There were little descriptions under each picture to help you guess, but the artist's name was covered up to make it more challenging.

Here's me. I had the biggest smile of all of the moms.

I don't know what's up with the double chin, though. Or that red line between my eyes. I asked Pie if it was my eyebrow (singular), and he said no, it was my glasses.

His description of me went like this:

My mom has orangish hair.
Her favorite colors are purple and green.
She is good at knitting.
Her favorite food is Macaroni Pizza.
I like it when she cuddles me in bed.

I loved that he said I was good at knitting, cuz I don't think I am. He's probably just kissing my butt so I'll make him a Superhero Cape or something. He's been the recipient of a few knitted items recently. Including these, which I intended to look like something a knight would wear. He called them his Quidditch Gloves.

I also made him and Beeb each a hat for the upcoming Renaissance Faire. I made Pie's out of Touch Me I traded with Pam, and I made Beeb a peasant hat out of some Lamb's Pride Bulky I had, so both projects came from my stash. I'm too lazy to get up and take pictures of them right now. I'll post them later, when we actually go to the Faire.

But anyway, back to the portrait - some of the other kids said their moms were good at laundry, selling Girl Scout Cookies, and doing cartwheels. One mom's favorite food was McDonald's. Yeah, right, kid. Another's was Chocolate. I thought Pie described me pretty well! Y'know, considering the fact that he's too young to say his mom is cool as Friggin Hell.

The kids also set the tables, and at my seat was this hand-decorated plate:

I am on the left. Pie is on the right. There's a heart between us because we love each other. There's a rainbow in the sky and we're walking through the flowers. I love the artwork he does.

This clever garden stone came from Beebie. She put a stich marker because she knew I like knitting, and that I'd get mad if she swiped one of my needles. The letters are from my Boggle game (guess I need a new one), and she used the first initials of each of the kids, plus D for Dad. She used the dice with a 5 on it to stand for the 5 members of our family. She also put in a cap from a water bottle and from my favorite soda (Boylan's Diet Creme Soda).

I loved how she found lots of little things that I like around the house, but I was puzzled by the horse. I'm not really a horse person, other than my Nancy Kerrigan flaring nostrils. Horses kinda freak me out. So I asked Beeb why she put a horse in it, and she said she just put it there because she liked it. Whatever, it's cool.

And this was from Tito Mosquito! He painted me a flowerpot and the flower inside it is actually a pen! Cute, and functional!

Next to the flower, in the pot was a little picture of Tito on a stick. I'm going to put it next to the one Pie made for me last year.

So that was my Mother's Day Haul. I can't complain! Well, I could, but I won't.

As if you needed any more evidence that I'm a damn genius, please meet my friend Mark Twain.

Tell me that's not a KICKASS costume!!


Rebel said...

Those are the cutest gifts ever! Almost makes me want to have kids. *almost*!


Bezzie said...

Hm, I don't know, I think that looks more like Samuel Clemens. ;-)

"Her favorite food is Macaroni Pizza"

I am so honored to have eaten this with you and your cute little kids!

Ed said...

As I live and breath is that Sam C?

turtlegirl76 said...

Awesome gifts! And the costume? Indeed kicks major ass.

It needs a mask though.

Alisha said...

Great gifts.....and yes that is a kickass costume!! Your rock!

cpurl17 said...

Those gifts are so sweet. Your children are so creative--it must come from Mom.

Where does one get macaroni pizza?

DomesticOverlord said...

I have to say that if I had little pictures of my kids on sticks there would be NO END to the puppet show I would be doing in goofy voices that don't resemble theirs in any way. I'd just hide behind stuff and make thm say silly things until Darth started screaming, "Mom! You're embarrassing my BRAIN!" at me again (for the fortieth time this week).

For example:
Darth: Look at me, I'm Darth I never pick up my underpants, I just leave 'em all over the house.
Lola: Ponies!
Darth: I like to hide stuff in my socks so it makes a mess in the laundry.
Lola: Babies!
Darth: It's funny when my mom yells and screams at me because her face turns lotsa colors.
Lola: Chickens!
Darth: No Lorelei, I don't want chicken nuggets. I want macaroni. I always want macaroni. I love it soooo much I'm gonna marry it.

At this point the real Darth would start scraeming about me embarassing him and complain that he's hungry. My kids are going to despise me by junior high.

Also I really dig beeb with a moustache, it's a good look for her.

Batty said...

How sweet! The description of you is probably dead on... except that I've never heard of maccaroni pizza. : )

Ali said...

Awesome costume! Great Mom!! Your gifts are precious. Make sme wish I had some kids to talk shit about on my blog ;)