Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Other Updates

Update #1

Get this -

The boys go back to school this morning and so last night I quizzed Pie about what he did over Spring Break. Read the previous post to familiarize yourself with the convenient summary of what we actually did over Spring Break.

Me: Hey, Pie, what are you going to tell your teachers and your friends you did on your vacation?

Pie: I'm gonna tell them I sat around on my ARSE.

He didn't say "ass", he said "arse". Arse is way funnier.
I nearly shite myself. I guess I should be glad he didn't think to tell his class that his parents took him to the Liquor Store.

Update #2

Check Out My Brackets!

Really, apart from Texas totally screwing me, I didn't do too bad. I want a cut of whatever you won in your office pool.

Update #3

And I didn't mention it before because I wasn't sure I was going to succeed, but I have, thus far, managed to give up buying yarn for Lent. I did purchase two magazines and two sets of needles so as to use up some of the yarn that I already have in my stash, however. And I still haven't finished either of the projects from the two classes I took.

The sweater shell - oh, man. It came out HUGE. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big girl, but I'm swimmin' in this thing. And my seaming skills completely suck. And the sock, while it sucks less, still sucks. I do feel more confident that I could complete the sock than the shell, but there was an error in the pattern and if I really was going to complete both socks I'd prefer to frog the one I've already started and start over so it's right.

So I spent $35 on each class plus about $60 in yarn. $130 on two items currently sitting unfinished in my kickass Lexie Barnes Bag. Knitting sure is an expensive hobby.

Update #4

R is almost done wtih his Advanced Technical Training program! He's only got three classes left. This will mean that he can apply for a tech job with a better salary and hopefully better hours, and he won't have to be on the phones with cranky customers all day. Be nice to the people you talk to in Customer Service, please - you just might be talking to my husband. Those people go home to their own drama at the end of the day too.

Last week R learned that his department was merging with another department, so, for an instant, it looked as though he might be off on Saturdays. It's still possible, we won't know for a while, but the good news is that his new hours won't conflict with his completing his program. He was really worried about that.

Update #5

I was just kidding about voting for Sanjaya 90,000 times. IT'S NOT MY FAULT he's still around! What the EFF was up with that mohawk? Yick! Y'know who I love? BLAKE. And Melinda. And Gina impressed me last night too. Phil Stacey's eyebrows creep me out.

I also love Dancing with the Stars. Why does that show suck me in every single time? I keep telling myself that I'm not going to commit myself to one more show, but Apolo Anton Ohno... I just... he's hot. Laila Ali is an excellent dancer and she's got a incredible bod. Maybe I could be a boxer. Or maybe I could eat Cadbury Mini Eggs until I gain enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

Update #6

Am I an alcoholic? I don't ever get drunk, but I do like to have one beer with my dinner most nights. Rarely will I have two beers in an evening. We bought a case of Bud Select at Sam's and I drank 90% of it myself. And when I realized it was gone, I made a special trip to go out to buy more.

Again, I must emphasize that it's one beer maybe 4 times a week, and maybe one of those four times I'll have two, spaced out over five hours. I never, ever get drunk. Still, I'm extremely concerned about this due to a genetic predisposition. I've never thought of myself as much of a drinker but I actually really like the taste of beer. It's funny - I've always thought of myself as Marge Simpson, but now I'm leaning towards Homer.

Update #7

This morning, I had to sign a permission slip so Beebie could watch a video about PUBERTY. Ugh. I'm sure many uncomfortable conversations are just around the corner.
Stay tuned.

Update #8

I spent $60 at Goodwill yesterday. I got a LOT, including some shorts, which the boys both desperately needed (this is when I love having them close together - I can buy something knowing that will probably fit one or the other of them), Beebie some shirts which she semi-desperately needed, and myself an Easter dress. I even found one with a delicately plunging neckline just in case we run into R's boob-staring cousin after I've toyed with the priests.

Bad Penny! Tee hee!


Amy said...

Puberty. Heh. You just wait. You haven't fully reached motherhood until your teenager gleefully tells you he finally successfully masturbated. Uncomfortable conversation? For me!

Dan said...

Amy that reminds me of a joke. A mom is making a cake and some bb's fall in and she can't get them all out and thinks it won't hurt her kids. 2 days later her youngest comes in and says " mommy, mommy I went pee pee and a bb came out!" A couple hours later another child comes rushing in and says the same thing. Then later her teenage son comes and and says" mom, mom,", she stops him and says, "I know you went pee and a bb came out", the son says "no, no I was jerkin off and I shot the dog!"

Bezzie said...

Leave it to your blog to create a discussion of whacking off anecdotes and jokes. I love it!!

Wasn't there an episode where Marge turned into a drunk...? ;-)

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

I don't think I drink too much either until I realize I drink all the wine ever brought into the house, and most of the beer too. I don't get drunk either, but still.... Unfortunately, right now, drinking is an aversion from all the shitty stuff going on in my life right now.

Helen said...

i take back what i said before. these dark chocolate mini eggs are not so good as the regular.

Batty said...

Yay for sitting around on our collective arses!

I'm trying to get over the giving up buying yarn for Lent bit. You have way more discipline than I!

Elizabeth said...

I dunno why Sangina is still in either. Oddly enough, my husband has even gotten sucked in to American Idol now, just to see what he will do next. We both got sucked into Dancing with the Stars too. I tell you, those shows have an entire team of psychologists who work at making the show such that folks like us get sucked right in!

Ferris Family said...

You crack me up! Coop told the class he rode his bike and watched TV all day for the week!
Dancing with the Stars... I want to see Heather take the leg off and beat someone with it, then we will have a show. I'm rooting for Joey Fatone, I have a soft spot for boy bands, what can I say?
Puberty video, can I be a fly on the wall when she comes home with the questions?