Friday, May 29, 2009


Beeb's purse was in the gym, with everything in it!

Now that my faith in humanity has been restored, I can restore service to the phone. I am so incredibly relieved.

And I brought Buffy home from the hospital this morning. She told me she's getting her tonsils out in the next few weeks.

Translation: You'll be serving me again very soon.


Ferris Family said...

CHANGE YOUR PHONE NUMBERS!!! Seriously, between Buffy and the Swamp Thing you have more than earned your angel wings.
Does Buffy know that the Beebie Princeton thing is over? Perhaps she needs to find a new bitch.

Kev said...

Glad it all worked out, and that Beeb was able to learn her lesson and still have a phone.

the phrase "sorry, I'm out with my kids today" should figure prominently in phone conversations for the next few weeks - If she needs you, she gets the whole squad - which probably won't be healthy for her recovery - in a few ways.

Bezzie said...

Tell her your aunt Emily died...unless you really have an aunt Emily.

Whew with the purse and phone!

Penny Karma said...

I have a sister Emily!

turtlegirl76 said...

"Aunt Emily" lead me to think of "Aunt Flo" which then made me think you should just tell her to KISS MY GRITS!

SiressYorkie said...

You know you're not her nursemaid, right? that if she KNOWS a surgery is coming, it is HER responsibility to make arrangements for her recovery period? It's not like last time, when it was all Dealing With It As It Happened and there was no control...shit like that just happens.

Lookit, when I had my first miscarriage, the second thing I did (after calling the doctor, naturally), was to call some friends and ask if they could look after Maxman and hubby whilst I was in hospital. With all that went down in 07, *I* called round for a sitter for Max (two days before Christmas, no less) and found one so my hubby could be with me.

Now if I can do that with my head as fucked up as it was, I know dear old Buffy can find some Perfect Baby coverage. School's out, right? Find a babysitter, toots.

Besides, last time I checked, having one's tonsils out wasn't major surgery. Yeah, your throat hurts and you need to watch out for infection, but bloody hell, you're not incapacitated. Max had tonsil and adenoids out in one go and was bouncing round within 24 hours. Nutty kid.

Sounds like Buffy needs to suck up the reality. And YOU, my love, have earned the status of bystander in this round of drama. No anger necessary, and if you do decide to help, you give HER a schedule of when you're available and what you'll do. No substitutions! No more On-Call'll only make you turn grey.

Batty said...

So glad it worked out!