Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The cost of convenience.

I caught you, Wal-Mart!! Preying upon the impulse buyer!!!

In the snack aisle, you will find the 7.5 oz box of Crunch N Munch for $1.00.

However, if you wait until you're in the check-out line, that same $1.00 will only get you the 6.0 oz box.

And then yesterday at a Cinco De Mayo fiesta, Kev observed an example of uncool pricing strategy. The price of a smaller margarita in the Party Tent was two dollars more than the bigger one you could get inside at the bar.

It's not illegal, it's not even exactly what I'd call unethical. It's kinda brilliant, acutally. But it's still pretty uncool.

I myself opted to forgo the Cinqo de Mayo festivities. Why? Because once again I had Perfect Baby to deal with all day yesterday - this time from before 8am until after 3pm.

And again, Buffy didn't pay me.

She had offered to pay me, in fact, she mentioned when she dropped PB off that she owed me for the last time PB was here - the time I had her for 3 hours instead of 7, which I didn't expect her to pay me for. Not that she shouldn't still pay me for my time, I just knew she wouldn't.

This time she showed up with a bag from McDonald's next to her in the passenger's seat, thanked me profusely, and said not one word about the tab she's been racking up at PK Day Care. I've kept Perfect Baby 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

Can I just tell you that the only reason why I agreed to take PB all day yesterday was because we're overdrawn and she HAD offered to pay me for it? The gas light's on in the Odyssexy and we don't get paid until tomorrow. I used my Target charge for milk, soda, and yogurt for PB yesterday morning, since Buffy hadn't sent any breakfast in the diaper bag.

I suppose I've set a precedent by watching Perfect Baby for her gratis in the past. That's kinda my fault, but at the time that I agreed to it, it was a one time thing, then it was an occasional thing when Buffy's husband Dummy would get a call about a job - and how am I supposed to tell her Dummy will have to turn down a job?

I hate it when I get pissed at myself for being too nice. I don't want to regret being nice, but I don't want to be taken advantage of, either. I don't want to believe she's doing it intentionally, but I don't really know. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I'm just beyond frustrated at this point.

It's not even so much that it takes a lot out of me on the days that I do have PB with me (although it does take quite a bit out of me, physically), it's the added fact that now, on a day that I should be able to relax and recover from a full day with a toddler, I have to spend the day doing the housework I wasn't able to do yesterday and won't be able to do when she comes over again on Thursday either. Today will be crammed full of shit I don't really want to do, as was yesterday, and as tomorrow will be.


I'm way too nice. It pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

I can understand forgoing the festivities because you were too tired to partake, but it sounds like you could have used it... We'll see what we can do about that on a delayed basis...

I know the feeling that you feel like you have been taken advantage of by being too nice. I don't do nice things to be thanked or told how awesome it is that I did it, but for fuck sake, it's nice to hear it sometimes. Like when I give up time with SuperWife for something/someone, and don't get so much as a "thanks, I know that you gave up something to help out," it kinda bugs me.

I've gotta say, when I go play racecar chaser for amateur car races, they feed us, and we're thanked by not only the race officials, but also many of the drivers. And they give me beer, so it's all good.

You are a wonderful friend, and all around great person. Don't let one (or two) bad things make you forget that.

L Dawg said...

Sorry about all that, PK. I think anyone who is PK's friend is lucky, for what that's worth.

Stickyfingers said...

I would really pay you to watch my baby, but only if you promised to give her the full PK experience.
And if you're doing that I want to be there too! . . . then I'd be paying you to hang out with me, and I'm pretty sure that'd be weird.

Penny Karma said...

I'd hang with you and Sweet Pea anytime!!

I'd fuckin charge Buffy DOUBLE if I had to hang out with her ass too. Get this - last night she texted me to let me know that Perfect Baby had just blown bubbles in the bathtub. She must think I care, or something.

SiressYorkie said...

I'd at least OFFER to pay you. Three hours is three hours, plus the time you just put in. That's pretty inconsiderate to treat you as a babysitting drive through. I have a niggling feeling that if you keep saying yes to her, she will keep doing this sort of thing...

Dude, if you babysat Max, you'd have a blast. He'd teach you German, show you how to build way cool Lego contraptions, and probably unabashedly spank your ass at Wii (he does mine), then say, "That's okay, long as you tried your best. Would you like a cuddle?"

And he smells nice, too.

Tonight, though, he was sitting on the sofa with us watching telly when he cocked his head to one side and said, "Did somebody just say 'fuck'??"

Funny thing was, I'd just been thinking that very same word. Great. Now he's in my head!

Bezzie said...

Oh man, I'm SO texting you the next time Moochie shits his pants!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. I think that she deserves the full treatment of all three kids including all of their activities for at least a couple days. Be sure not to be prepared with crazy necessities like food and drink. Also, she has to help them with homework.
This tactic will work swimmingly.

Ooohh and then when Pie takes a nice big dump, be sure to send her a pic.


Rip said...

I'm gonna email you a nice professional-looking INVOICE form you can use to tally up your hours and simply hand it to Buffy when she drops off Perfect the next time. If she doesn't pay before she leaves, you don't keep Perfect that day. She can make other arrangements.

When Skater was a tot, we did the whole daycare thing, and it was really expensive, and we always looked for other places to pawn the child off for a couple hours so we could get shit done. We ended up finding a friend who would watch him, for money. It worked out perfect because it was way less than the daycare, and it was great extra money for her. At this point, Buffy doesn't quite understand the whole "great extra money for her" part.

Break the ice with her, get paid once, and she will always pay because she will know the score. Either that or she can find another sap to watch PB.

Rosi G. said...

Hugs, kisses and many many alcoholic drinks for you love. You really need to put your foot down with her. Tell her NO at least twice and she'll learn to either cough it up or fuck off.

And, honey, when you say NO, stick to it. Don't bend. BE STRONG, PK!! YOU CAN DO EEEET!