Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time to negate FIL's vote! Woo hoo!!!

R got up at 5:30 to go vote at 6. The wait was an hour long. I went at about 9:30, got right in and was done in about five minutes. Got my free Krispy Kreme afterwards, too.

So get this - I'm in the little booth filling in the bubbles with the black pen (is that the equivalent of a #3 pencil, I wonder?) and my cell phone rings. It's my gyno's office.

It seems they actually were passing my films around the lab. They want more pics of Lefty.

Should I be flattered?

I have to go back on the 13th. That's plenty of time for me to stew about it and ruminate on all the worst case scenarios and whatnot. Cuz that's what I do. Y'all know me.

I mean, what if that Frankenstein switch is reserved for the second visit? What the fuck is that thing about??

At least I know I don't have to take out my TittyBling.


Kevin said...

I might have to make a Krispy Kreme run today yet.
Hope it isn't anything serious with the need for more pictures. Ooo- you could draw a smiley face oh her for them this time!

SiressYorkie said...

You probably have lumpy boobs...the breast tissue gets clumpier the older you get, esp. after you've had chitlins. Or maybe they're all gonna crowd in and look at your nip bling right before they throw the Frankenswitch.

*sigh* my life is so BORING...

Bezzie said...

Did you end up putting the deodorant on that day? Doesn't that create funky boob pictures? Or maybe that's urban boob legendry.

Jezabell said...

Penny. I wouldn't worry too much about the mamogram results. Women like us on the breasty side tend to have more cycstic breasts which can show up on a mamogram. Since this is your first they have no baseline to go by. I wouldn't worry. Except for the fun of getting your tatas slammed in that damn door again (That hurts!). (I tried sending this or something like it from my cell. Not sure it made it so I thought I would try again now that I am home from my pedicure). Good luck and keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

The FIL has been defeated! And for that I scream our victory battle cry:


SiressYorkie said...

I still think PK woulda made an awesome president, if a terrifying one.

EXPOMONS! (that's the word verification for me today...sounds like a Harry Potter spell which make's one clothes disappear)

Amy in StL said...

I'm sure it's just an emergency power switch. All big electrical equipment has shit like that.