Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeping Y'all Abreast...

Two posts in one day??? Yup. Scroll down and read my earlier post if you haven't already.

Lymph nodes, they said. Lefty's gonna get another checkup in six months, but apart from that, we're good. They even showed me the x-ray film, and there, right in the middle, amidst the cloudy collection of veins and ducts and whatnot, there was my nipple ring - standing proud, defiant and beautiful.

Yes, yes, I know I was worried about nothing, but I would so much rather worry and find out it was nothing that to get horrible news that I'm not mentally prepared for.

Rip was such a trooper. I can't say enough good about the man. He didn't grumble at my conservative driving style, my complete ineptitude at navigating a parking garage, or my uncanny ability to pick the absolute farthest point from where we need to go when I choose where to park. Rip is a great guy.

He's witnessed me in purely social situations up to now (drinking beer and/or throwing darts, mainly), and I'm a fun drunk, but very few get to experience my Real Life Neurotic Self up close and personal, in real time, along for the ride, as it happens, watching the shit I'm gonna write about going down before their very eyes. It's like the Amusement Park Ride version of my blog.

And after accompanying me to my mammogram, Rip and I sat back with a beer. Now THAT is how you treat a lady, my friends.

Good times.


Bezzie said...

Well that was sweet they told you straight up...usually they make you wait and stew some more.

I like the idea of medical test result flasks. YOu could probably market those--"Going for a diagnosis? Bring your Penny Flask!"

Zonda said...

Glad they told you right away too! Good news too! Hehe...I like the idea of bring your Penny work, to your!

Kevin said...

here's to drinking to your good health.

SiressYorkie said...

I would love it if the doc sat you down to discuss your results, and you said, "Wait, hang on...before you start talking..." and you whip out your flask and chug for a bit, wipe your chops, sigh, belch, then say, "Righty, then...continue, Herr Doktor..."

Still, the dx is good, so yay for that. Having recently been through what you just did (right before we left the UK), I know what it's like. I have a lump or two that turned out to be just lumpy boobs, but whilst you're waiting, your mind chews itself up trying to conjure up the worst case scenario.

Jo said...

Cool! I am glad you have nothing to fret about (notice I did not say worry.. shit! I said worry!) Ignore me now. Glad the boobies are okay :)

Rip Van W. said...

It was entirely my pleasure to be there with you, my dear. Let's put this in perspective, shall we? YOU were having more testing on your breat, whilst I just hung out in the passenger seat. YOU're the trooper, Penny K. So glad it turned out the way it did. I've got you on my calendar in 6 mo., so we can do it all again.

I'm the lucky one, remember?


Kashmir Knitter said...

Glad to know my second favorite set of boobies is all fine and dandy.

Bez and Yorkie, I think they should provide you with the flask. In fact if I ever have to be diagnosed with something horrible I want the doctor to just solemnly hand me a flask engraved with "You have cancer." Then later when I'm drunk in public and the cops want me to move along I can just show them my flask and hopefully get a ride home instead of to the drunk tank.