Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Almost Election Day!

I'm usually pretty good about getting pictures for you all to marvel at the crazy shit I see every day, right? This is one of those rare occasions where I DIDN'T manage to get a pic, and I'm totally pissed at myself because this pic would greatly enhance the story I'm gonna tell ya really quick:

Ok, I'm in the Odyssexy behind some car at a red light (I didn't catch the model of the car but it was sedan-sized) that had what looked like a page torn from a magazine with a picture of John McCain and Sarah Palin on it, taped to the inside of the back window. Not even neatly - jagged edge on one side, not centered well, and you can't see who the pic is of unless you're right up behind it like I was.

I can understand if you don't want to be permanently associated with a candidate just in case shit doesn't go well for him, or if you don't want to mess up your car by actually affixing a sticker to your bumper and just taping in the back window instead, but dude, a magazine picture?

That's just - I hate to use the word Ghetto, but I really think it applies in this situation.

And the reason why I wasn't able to get the pic? I was on hold with my Gyno's office waiting for my lab results. Isn't THAT the best feeling in the world - sweating it out for ten minutes? Anyway, I got a clean bill of health for the pap and the ultrasound. Still waiting on my mammogram results.

I kinda like imagining that the guys in the lab are still passing my boob x-rays around. Dude, check out the nipple rings on this pair! YOWZA!


Evil Baritone said...

The dude probably didn't want to lower the resale value on the car by affixing a permanent loser sticker.

Or maybe it was actually McCain or Palin inside the vehicle doing their last-minute campaigning. Ran out of campaign funds and couldn't afford one of those fancy-schmancy speakers on top of the car, so they just posted pics from a mag.

Hey, I'd do it.

Nell said...

That's the most WT thing ever!!!

The Beautiful Kind said...

When I see tacky shit like that on a car, I like imagining the actual act of the person going out to their car with some tape and leaning in and affixing the page, then standing back and regarding it with satisfaction.

I like playing out the deliberate move and marveling at it - the time that went into adding a yellow ribbon or truck nuts or a Calvin pissing sticker, and then they stand back and think: "There, that's better."