Monday, June 22, 2009

More knitting content!!!

Only get this - it's on KEVIN'S BLOG.

He's just trying to discredit me as a knitting blogger, since he's had more knitting-related content in one day than I have in months. Think we should add Kevin to the STL Knitters Blogring?

He won't be a TRUE knitting blogger, though, until he writes about his cats.

Anyway, lest I be outdone by someone who doesn't know the difference between ssk and k2tog -

I forget what kind of wool I used for the wool hat, but I think the cotton was the lovely (something that starts with A, I lost the band) that he and I picked out at Knitorious a few weeks ago. I bought some and made a hat for myself as well. I loved the colors.

And Kev got to meet the fabulously Dyeabolical Rachel not at Knitorious, but at Roller Derby last weekend! PLUS he got to meet Anti-Stella that day too. That was so cool!

Sorry I've been light on the blogging recently. It's summer. When it hasn't been Satan's Sweaty Buttcrack hot, it's been pouring rain. Which of course means that the kids have been cooped up in the house, which of course means they're hogging the computer so I can't get on and write about all the fun we're not having.

Actually, I have been having fun working through my Netflix queue. The Reader was the one I watched most recently. I liked it - not just for the full frontal nudity, but because it showed actual five-needle DPN Knitting, which I've NEVER seen in a movie! Too hard to fake, I guess. And true knitters wince when they see fake knitting on tv or in a movie.

Anybody else see Amy Sedaris poke at her yarn on My Name Is Earl a while ago? It was funny because she actually does knit (doesn't she??).

And finally, just as a teaser, Kevin has foolishly challenged me to a game of BOGGLE, to which I say -

I'm not sure when this Boggle Cage Match is going to take place, but I'm 100% sure it'll be blogworthy.


Kev said...

Using the picture I sent you from Pineapple Express against me... For shame! I got your "blog worthy" right here.

turtlegirl76 said...

Arucania Cotton perhaps? love the hat! So...should I bother asking how Ice Queen is coming? *ducks*

Penny Karma said...

Arucania, yeah, that's it!

And I haven't forgotten The Queen. I suppose if I begged her forgiveness and once again committed myself to her, I could finish by the time it starts snowing.

But I'm working on a project for my sister first. Stay tuned.