Monday, March 30, 2009

One more favor to ask -

Pie's doing a project for school and he needs to get people to take a questionnaire.

His class has been studying ecology and enivronmental issues all year. For their year-end project, they're planning an Environmental Fair, and they want to find out how best to plan their presentations, so they're trying to get a sense of what basic level of knowledge the typical person has. Pretend you're a typical person, if you have to.

Please copy and paste these questions into an email, answer each Yes or No, and email them to me at pennykarma at g mail dot com by next Friday, April 11th.

1. Do you know two big problems birds have with survival?

2. Do you know how to help birds in each season?

3. Do you know how birds are important to the ecosystem?

4. Do you know why recycling is important?

5. Do you know what to do when you find an injured bird?

6. Do you know how many offspring one pair of rats would have in 3 years without any predators?

7. Can you tell me what to look for when buying a birdbath?

8. Do you know why a good habitat needs diversity?

9. Can you tell me how birds help with pest control?

10. Do you know what the World Bird Sanctuary does to help the birds?

Thanks, on behalf of Pie and the 1st graders, for your help in their project!

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Anonymous said...

I like how you assume that we have to pretend to be normal people.

And I'd recommend the World Bird Sanctuary as a great place to take pictures of raptors and other birds up close.

and my verification "word?" wingl.