Friday, December 19, 2008

Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

Lemme tell ya about what a great lil boyfriend my Beebie has.

There are a couple of twitterbitches in Beeb's class who just can't resist the urge to be assholes to her.

They're Susie Rottencrotch and Sally McSnotpants. Susie Rottencrotch is a total skank. Here's the backstory on her (I can't remember if I've told it before or not):

At the beginning of the school year, Susie had her eye on Princeton. And apparently something that Princeton said to her erroneously led her to believe that he was into her too. But he's not. Emphatically not. Why? Cuz she's a mean little bitch and she thinks she's hot shit. Plus she talks smack about my Beeb.

Annnnyway, so we know Susie's a little jealous. And a few days ago Beeb and Princeton were walking to class and Princeton was carrying a big box of something. Susie and Sally came up behind Beeb and Princeton in the hall and Sally said, all saccharine-like, Oooooh, you guys are SOOOO CUTE... and Princeton as Beebie ignored her.

Then Sally got all shitty.

Hey, Princeton, do you like the way Beebie looks in those stretch pants? Cuz I think they make her look WEIRD!!!

And Princeton, God love 'im, said...

Sally, you are soooooo lucky my hands are full, or I'd totally flip you off right now.

I told Buffy that her boy scored some major Cool Boyfriend points.

I'm getting along with Buffy a lot better recently. I took Beeb, Princeton, and Pie and Tito to see The Tale of Desperaux today. What a sweet movie! Beeb read the book but I didn't know anything about the story going into it, and I thought the message was wonderful and the animation was excellent. I highly, highly recommend it.

I took it upon myself to do a nice thing for Buffy and her family, given that they're going through a hard time and we certainly know what that's like. I'm into karma and paying it forward. Princeton's such a cool kid. Buffy said he knows they don't have money for gifts and he hasn't complained one bit. He's sold some of his video games and he's saving up his money to buy himself a Wii.

I asked Buffy if there was anything I could do for them for Christmas, and she asked for picture frames, a journal, toys for Perfect Baby, and just anything I thought Princeton would like. Cleaning the basement, I found an assload of frames, a really cute little baby hat that used to be Beebie's that I'd forgotten all about, and some puzzles and books.

I knit Princeton a lovely red Malabrigo hat/scarf combo and Buffy a scarf from crappy stash yarn (which I thought was absolutely hideous, I wish I'd taken a picture, but she LOVES it) and I got Princeton a sketchbook and Buffy a journal. I didn't have any ideas for Biff, and Buffy's not his biggest fan these days but you didn't hear that from me, and Santa doesn't discriminate, so I got him a gift card from Lowe's. And I wrapped them all up and left them on their porch. And I felt great about that.

So, as I mentioned, we're cleaning our basement. Why now, a year after we moved in? Because R found a 47" 1080p flat screen for $550. It was originally $1099, on clearance for $898, then we got 30% off because it was a display model, and an additional 10% off for charging it. We added the 3-year protection plan and it was still under $600. With the money we saved, we got a BlueRay player. It's fucking kickass. I love my husband.

Then we found someone giving away a ping pong table on Freecycle. We underestimated how big that fucker would be. Strapping it to the roof was a pain.

But we got Rip and Skater to help us get it into the basement, and the kids LOVE it. Plus, it keeps them out of my face while they're home for Winter Break.

Speaking of Rip, check out what he got us for Christmas. If you didn't know, I love skulls. And these are on my mantle, right behind the Christmas cards. If you look behind the skull on the left, there's the card from the Aldis with the Aldikids picture in it. Gih.

And look at this righteous apron KOFA got me! The delicious union of domesticity and the macabre. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Awwww... he went to Etsy. Swoon away, girls.

Don't fuck with me, Martha Stewart. I'll kick yer ass.

Oh, and this little gem was in the box too. I put it on my refridgerator, right next to the PTO Events Calendar.

And kinda random, but have you seen this pic of our President-Elect?

I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad we're not looking at a pic of Senator McCain's Manboobs right now.


KOFA said...

Man, I can't even tell you how long it's been since I played Ping Pong. I used to be good; I probably suck balls at it now.

That's a cool thing you did for Buffy and Fam.

Bezzie said...

Damn, I've got TV envy! That's a damn good deal!!! I can't find a deal that good for a crappy ass 26" in this neck of the woods.

Did you ring the doorbell and run? Hee hee.

Kevin said...

I miss my Ping Pong Table...

Kids can be so mean - glad to see your Ape Squad knows how to deal with it pretty damn well.

And I was honored to be at the inaugural turning on of the way cool TV - makes me want my own 1080p TV - gotta make sure the wife doesn't see one - she's currently the voice of reason...

Penny Karma said...

And I haven't even mentioned the bitchin sound system R got for it...

ZantiMissKnit said...

I just spent 15 mins at that Etsy shop, and may have to get myself a lovely little apron. BTW, those prices are excellent for them.

And those crotchbitch or whatever you call 'em girls suck.

That pic of our Prez Erect -- I mean, Elect, is teh hawt.

The Beautiful Kind said...

Our Prez looks like such a little boy! So cute. So opposite day.