Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forgot to add this yesterday -

Monday night we watched Inside The Actor's Studio. I love that show. The guest was Daniel Radcliffe. He's so cute and funny and witty and humble. I'm happy to see that he's actually quite a talented actor and not just Harry Potter.

Daniel was talking about some of his recent non-HP projects. One was called My Son Jack, which was about Rudyard Kipling's relationship with his son. I saw that one on PBS a while ago. It was the first time he'd been anything but Harry. When watching the movie, you didn't see Harry Potter at all. I was extremely impressed. But the casting of Kim Catrall as Mrs. Kipling was odd, to me, because she'll always be Samantha.

Another was December Boys. James Lipton asked Daniel if he'd seen the Rolling Stone (I think) review of it, and Daniel said he doesn't read reviews. Lipton said that Rolling Stone called it Harry Potter Gets Laid. And I immediately added it to my Netflix queue.

They showed a clip of his appearance on Extras, too, and if you haven't seen that show, you truly owe it to yourself to check it out. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. So is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but that's a topic for another day.

Then he talked about Equus, in which he has a now-famous Nude Scene. He talked about how intimidating it is to be nekkid in front of an audience. According to Daniel, there's a shrinkage issue. A friend of Daniel's asked him if he was afraid he'd get an erection on the stage, and he said he'd actually be thrilled if he did so he didn't look so... erm... small. And I immediately removed December Boys from my Netflix queue.

And then, the inevitable question.

Beeb: What's An Erection?

Me: Ya wanna take that one, hon?

So R told her.

Beeb: It gets hard? Gross!! That's so weird!!!

Me: Yeah, I know. Weiners are seriously weird.


DPUTiger said...

It shrinks??!?

Like a frightened turtle!

I don't know how you guys walk around with those things...

I miss Seinfeld.

Kevin said...

We watched that show here at the "soon not to be Other Kevin" house.
We were impressed with his maturity and candor. We'll probably be adding his other movies to our Netflix. We've enjoyed Rupert Grint's other movies.

BammerKT said...

Oh they don't show anything in December boys anyway. It was an excellent movie though and nary a whiff of HP to be found. Bit on the sad side though.

If only that Daniel were a tiny bit taller . . . .

and had an unnatural fetish for tubby soccer moms damn near twice his age like me.