Monday, December 29, 2008

Insolent and Vexing.

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna write about Christmas and my parents' visiting us and Tito's birthday and our wacky New Year's Eve plans and whatnot... eventually.

But I had to post a couple of other things first:

A) These pics, seen on , were sent to me by a loyal fan who knows how much I enjoy using my phone to take pictures of the signs prohibiting cell phone use in certain places.

Just don't use your Blackberry to look up the words on

And B) A dog licked (my Crackberry buddy) Other Kevin's head.


Cary said...

Using your cell phone to take photos of signs prohibiting cell phone use. Genius.

Insolent and vexing. Nice. And not the words you'd expect to see on a telephone pole sign.

Wait -- I'm feelin' a rap coming on.

Insolent and vexin'
Shit you ain't expectin'
Fuck ya phone
I'll pop ya, Homes
And you'll be Kaopectin'

This is why I am not a rapper.

Kevin said...

Hey, It works just as well as Rogain!

And I still love how the St. Louis Science Center feels the need to say at the beginning of the planetarium show to turn off cell phones *and blackberries*

And yes, the video was shot with the Crackberry.

Elspeth said...

I had a "great" experience in the post office once where the "cell phone police" decided that I was on my phone at the wrong time for them. They were definitely "insolent" and "vexing".

Batty said...

My new goal for 2009: To be as vexing and insolent as possible!