Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Collection of Crazy Christmas Music

I saw a couple of Christmas Music posts over on List O' The Day,

Look HERE and HERE.

List Of the Day makes me happy.
I have a totally impure crush on Cary.

Anyway, when I realized that I had a couple of the ones that you might not even believe were real, I felt obligated to share some of my eclectic collection with you.

I started collecting Christmas Music about 12 years ago when I worked in Downtown Clayton (St. Louisans know what that means) across from a really great now-defunct bookstore called Library Ltd. How could I POSSIBLY walk away from this?

At the time I couldn't afford it on what I was making, but I've never regretted buying it when I did because I've never seen it in a store again. And ever since then I try to add at least one to the collection every year. They're not all weird. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas one, for example.

I also have Twisted Sister's Twisted Christmas (new last year), Regis Philbin, Barenaked Ladies and Cyndi Lauper, to name a few. This year, in addition to Billy Idol, I got...

Yeah. And this one.

And this one.

I know. I'm a sick, sick person. Seriously.

And I also have vinyl.

Johnny Mathis' Christmas Album is a family tradition for me. I bought the Digitally Remastered CD for myself one year, and it's just not the same without the scratches and skips.

Here are some more of my favorite Christmas Records.

Happy Holidays from Barbra...

And the Severed Heads!

Doesn't this look like a Christmas Key Party gone horribly wrong?

And The Colonel looks alarmingly chipper Christmas Morning...

considering he was passed out in his rocker the night before.

There are many, many more, my lovelies, but it's Christmas Eve and I need to get the Apes to bed so I can be plenty rested for a full day with Inlaws.

Hope Santa brings me a fuckin flask.


KOFA said...

Of all my Christmas music, I'd have to say that my favorite is a... gut-wrenching rendition of O Holy Night, by an unnamed singer.

Word verification: sqxce, which is what I feel when I hear that song.

Kaye said...

You are my idol. Ha ha! I've got a Babs album myself. It tickles me pink to hear America's most recognizable Jew singing about the baby Jesus.

Batty said...

Great collection! Ru Paul's Ho Ho Ho has got to be my favorite of them all... ho indeed!

The Beautiful Kind said...

THIS is awesome. Such holiday cheer. Colonel Sanders? My Pretty Pony? Be still my barfed out heart! Makes me wish you'd host a cookie party where everyone brings a plate of cookies they baked and we all sit around and listen to this shit and drink hard liquor. Or eggnog for the Mary Kate and Trashley fans.

Cary said...

Oh baby. Come on with that impure crush. I live for it.

The Severed Heads... BUAHHHHAHHA! Who knew Conrad Bain could sing?

I never got the Col. Sanders + music connection. You don't see Ronald McDonald or Dave Thomas putting out Christmas albums. And I think he's dead in that chair, stinking of rot and old man urine and chicken grease.