Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A New Write-In Presidential Candidate!

FINALLY, someone we can really trust to tell it like it is.
And it's someone we know!

Check it.

Donations to the campaign are accepted through PayPal.


Kevin C said...

I'm not sure whether it would drive your approval rating up or down (probably up), but I give you until your second press conference before you flash those piercings at nation. And I can't even imagine how fast there'd be talk of the goings-on in the Oral Office.

I mean the Oval Office.

No wait, I had it right the first time.

Penny Karma said...

I plan to offer an extensive internship program.

Kevin C said...

"Extensive internship program," huh? Does that mean that your best chance of being an intern is to be... extensive?

No, that doesn't quite work, because as President, I'm sure you'd ensure that your internship program was Equal Opportunity.

Heh... my Captcha word verification is lsbnifm. And the font uses an F that looks a lot like a really ancient script S. Pardon me while I giggle like an adolescent boy at juvenile humor.

Penny Karma said...

At first I didn't get it because I thought that was an I. You're right, though, it's much funnier as an L.

Beverly said...

Finally! An intelligent choice. You got my vote girl!

Penny Karma said...

In order to be a PK intern, you must pass a thorough oral exam, and place highly in both the swimsuit and talent competitions, as well as the Chili Cook-Off.

Ya gots ta have SKILLZ.

Penny Karma said...

I would also like to add that the thorough oral exam will take place well before the Chili Cook-Off.

SiressYorkie said...

Dude, there's no way I'm votin' for you, mainly because *I* wanna be Queen of the F*cking World, and that totally trumps President.

Plus I'm pretty sure you'd replace all local law enforcement with a very well-funded conglomeration of the Mafia, a handful of Neo Nazis, and the Yakuza who'd be given free reign and no restrictions.

I just can't live in that world, PK. I just can't.

The Composer said...

Nicely done. How does one get a cabinet post in your admin? Can I call it the "Karma Closet"? Good luck, madame. Of course, it does give the phrase "madame president" a certain very . . . inviting ring. (The president is, after all, in charge. Might make her position negotiating with foreign powers a bit more persuasive too.)