Sunday, October 26, 2008

And in my first act as President -

I will immediately outlaw all children's shows that encourage a crescendo of screaming from their target deomgraphic - PRESCHOOL CHILDREN WHO SCREAM TOO MUCH ANYWAY.





I call her Puta the Explorer. Whore.

And Buffy backed out on the Hockey Game because her baby was sick, but she gave me the two tickets and I got to take RIP!!! I love attending sporting events with fellow sports fans, and hockey is my favorite. And Rip is so fun anyway! We had a blast, and the Blues won big!


Kashmir Knitter said...

Sing with me"

P P P Puta
P P P Puta
P P P Puta
P P P Puta
Puta, Puta, Puta the Explorer!
Boots and the annoying whore, Puta!
Grab your rifle,
Let's go!
Shoot her!
You can make her pay!
Hey! Hey!
P P P Puta
P P P Puta
P P P Puta
P P P Puta....

Penny Karma said...


SiressYorkie said...

I'm still waiting for my walk-on in "Lazytown". That pink-wigged whore never says thanks for anything.

Kevin C said...

kk, you forgot the "Sniper, more sniping! Sniper, more sniping!"

And am I the only person on this blog who finds the word verification "lesalarp" funny? I mean, who's Lesa, and what role is she LARPing?

Penny Karma said...

The bigger question: Why is anyone LARPing?

Kevin C said...

Because some of us are just that steeped in geekitude.

Rosi G. said...

i fuckin love you. PPPPPUTA!

(no, really. i've been crying, literally, at my desk all day over stupid shit at my job. and then i read your blog. and i cracked up for the first time today. thanks heffa!)

Penny Karma said...

You should read about my Mammogram, sistah.