Monday, May 05, 2008

A Sad Day.

Happy Cinquo De Mayo (and a belated Happy B'day to KOFA Kev)!

While the rest of you are drinking Corona and Margaritas, I'll be mourning the loss of one of my favorite forms of entertainment:

Dear LoveHappens member,

After much consideration we have decided to end the LoveHappens service. You may continue to use LoveHappens until May 31, 2008.

After May 31, 2008 you will no longer have access to LoveHappens.

We hope you enjoyed using LoveHappens as much as we enjoyed making it for you and we wish you love and success in the future.

The LoveHappens Team

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LoveHappens was my primary source of Wookin Pa Nub Wednesday fodder. What's Wookin Pa Nub Wednesday, you ask? (insert nostalgic sigh) Well, it's something silly I used to do on my blog just to give myself and my readers a little giggle.

I'd search the personals for people with strange or unusual pictures or descriptions of themselves on their profiles, and then I'd thank the good lord that I was officially out of any dating pool that these folks are swimming in. Yes, it's totally bitchy; I've been told that more than once. But somehow, it always made me feel like a goddess.

I haven't done it for a really long time, though. No real reason why. I mean, it's a labor of love and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together whenever I did it. I started doing it when I was still kinda trying to find the voice of my blog and back then I had a different topic for each day of the week, just to see which one felt the most natural for me to talk about. I'd talk about TV, Blogstalking assignments (another wagon I've fallen off of), and I forget what my other regular topics were, but WPN Wednesday was by far the most popular and the most fun.

I think what happened was that I didn't want to wait until the designated day to talk about something, and then I'd forget by the time the day came around. I was trying to help myself focus and give myself ideas for what to blog about on days that weren't particularly blogworthy, and instead I limited myself. I like my blog the way it is now, when I can just vent about pretty much whatever I'm dealing with. And I'm glad you guys read it.

Right now what I'm dealing with is a gnawing sense of guilt. I feel partly responsible for the untimely demise of LoveHappens through my neglect. I should have kept doing WPN Wednesdays. Perhaps I could have singlehandedly saved it.

So, kids, to clear my conscience, here is a big fat dose of WPN. I didn't want to wait until Wednesday. Ready? I might be a little rusty, but here we go.

Ok, the first two go out to the knitters. The knitters I know would know better than this, but if you're a new knitter and you're really excited to make something, please, please, please, don't make a Fun Fur Scarf. For anyone. Especially not a guy.

I choose to assume that the knitter that created this intended it for someone other than him and that HE is the dork who decided to put it on, but then again if you're making Fun Fur scarves in the first place, there's no telling.

Now, if you wanna knit THIS guy a scarf to keep his neck warm, bear in mind that it's gonna take you a long, long time.

This guy's got almost as much cleavage goin' on as I do. ALMOST.

Oh, if this isn't a Sexual Harrassment lawsuit just waiting to happen...

The thought that some creepy perv's nekkid ass has been sitting on it is EXACTLY why I'll never buy a sofa off of Craigslist. Gih!!

And for the guys:

Now, why can't Glamour Shots find THIS nice girl...

Instead of this one.

Or this one.

The cousins got together and came up with a perfect plan to take Grandma off their hands... a personal ad. She'll either fall madly in love or she'll meet a psycho killer; either way, they won't have to take her ass to Bingo anymore.

Check out her rack... on the wall. Yes, guys, she's got a camoflage bikini and I'm pretty sure she's licking that gun.

She kinda looks like somebody with a mouth full of chocolate pudding sneezed on her. And don't miss the Andy Rooney eyebrows. Honey, one word. TURTLENECK.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss LoveHappens. (sniffle)


knitnthings said...

OMG that's the funniest shit ever!!!

turtlegirl76 said...

I feel like we need a moment of silence on the 31st. Or perhaps June 1st. *sigh*

Bezzie said...

RIP Love Happens, alas we knew you a little too well.

Sheryl said...

Can I just say I have to change clothes 'cuz I peed my pants laughing at these pics. You are the bomb. I have full confidence that you will find something fabulous to take its place. Wish you lived closer, it would be a party all the time!

Rachel said...

1)Red Feathers and Ringlets chic is kind of fabulous in an over the top, oh-so-ironic and don't give a shit kind of way. I didn't read her profile, so don't ruin it for me if she meant to wear red feathers and ringlets in all seriousness.

2)The one with the gun...she's local. And she looks familiar. Ew. Ew. Ew.

3)The naked couch guy? Totally looks like he photoshopped his hair on.

I'm so sad for Love Happens.

Nell said...

I literally just peed my pants. Thanks a lot, Love Happens!

DancesInGarden said...

I have to say I am disturbed when the guy in the picture looks like he might be naked. Is it just me or does more than one look like that might be the case? *shudder*

SiressYorkie said...

I don't think you're being fair at all to the granny in the last pic. On account of I don't think she's human.

I think she might be related to this guy:

Or perhaps this gal:

ZantiMissKnit said...

Neck guy!!!! He looks like an emu. At the zoo, ZMrK invited an emu to bite his hand, and the emu took him up on his offer. So, I think neck guy would bite someone on the hand.

I've had enough bites on my hand to last me a while, however.