Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy First Of May.

You probably already know better than to read my blog at work or when your kids are around, but for the benefit of my newer readers -

Don't play this if you're at work. Or if your kids are listening.


Kevin C said...

Yeah, I thought you'd like this song. Although I must say, I've never seen this video before. The only video I'd seen was the World of Warcraft one. But that's even geekier, so I won't bring your audience down to my level with that one.

Penny Karma said...

'preciate it.

Randy said...

Jonathan Coulton totally rocks. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

That is very reminiscent of my college days! In our campus radio station (called "THE X," short for KHDX) there was a graffito on the wall that read: (You can guess...)

HOORAY HOORAY,The First Day of May
Outdoor Fxxxxxxing starts today!