Friday, May 02, 2008


In which I establish myself as THE person to call upon for entertainment when you're stuck in an airport for a long layover.

Kevin (King Of Fuckin Awesome, in case you'd forgotten) was recently stuck at LAX with three hours to kill before he got to hop a prop place to Reno for some work-related training thing.

Dude, you're in LA, I said. There's no better people watching anywhere, except maybe at the Pevely Flea Market.

Then Kev sent me this picture of this unfortunate chick in denim shorts and inexplicable red high heels.

And it was on. I challenged Kevin to snap a pic of someone in camo. I don't know why camo immediately leapt to mind, but it did. And it took a little while, but he found some camo shorts.

Next I told him to take a picture of a bald guy. I gave him bonus points for the Hawaiian shirt.

Finding someone on a laptop to take a pic of was too easy.

I didn't think to ask for a ukelele, but Kev found one.

The same dude returned later as Kev's "Find a kid with a stuffed animal" submission.

Up next - a woman wearing a hat. Kev said she was TOTALLY checkin him out. Whatever.

I asked for a Double Stroller, but this was the best Kev could do. Slacker!

We had to quit before he found someone in a Lakers shirt. But he did meet my challenge to take a pic of someone walking barefoot, which impressed me. R had the idea to get Kev take a pic of a pilot in uniform at a bar, but KOFA was unwilling to go back through Security. Pussy!!!!

There were pictures of other things, too. Like a girl in a Spartan helmet. A dude in a beret (I think it was a dude). Goofy ears from Disneyland. Other stuff I can't remember. It was a pretty fun game.

Penultimately, Kevin sent a pic of the actual prop plane he was about to board, and I just couldn't bear to post it because I didn't want to look at it again. It made me all sweaty and nauseous, just the thought of it. Ugh. I don't particularly like to fly anyway, but those little bitty planes freak me out SOOO bad. Seriously, if I won some fantastic trip to some place I'd always wanted to go and they told me I had to ride in one of those things - or worse, a helicopter - I'd say, no thanks. Really.

But he made it! Machines at the Reno airport. Hot.


Kevin C said...

A couple of notes:

Hopping the prop plane meant that I was in one of the more remote terminals. I took two shuttle buses just to get there; I'm not sure I could even tell you HOW to exit security in that terminal, since I essentially came in a back door from the runway area. LAX is one EFFed up airport! At least the parts I saw.

Yes, it was a dude in the beret.

Oh, and let's not forget that the girl in the hat was also fluttering an Asian-styled fan. And it was the fact that she walked past two trash cans to throw something away in the one nearest me while staring at me the whole time that makes me think she was checking me out. But seriously, who could blame her?

I was giving Ukelele Boy the benefit of a doubt; my initial impression was that it was a kid's souvenir guitar or something. Considering the stuffed koala bear sitting next to him later, that may not be far from the truth. And just to put this kid in context: we're talking a high-schooler, traveling with a bunch of other high-school kids. I'm not sure if they were associated with the other bunch of band kids I'd seen earlier. The girl in the gold Spartan helmet was in the same group as Ukelele Boy.

Sorry for the blur in the last pic, but I knew someone was waiting on me so I didn't stop to get a clear picture. But here's what you need to know about that shot: that was at the GATE where I exited the plane. Each gate had 4 or 5 gambling machines, not to mention the giant area just outside baggage claim that probably qualifies as its own casino. Can you not wait until you get out of the airport before you start losing your money?

Batty said...

Who knew there was so much fun to be had at an airport? Seeing how I'm stuck there 1-3 times a month, I might try the "find weird things and take pictures of them" game myself.