Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why My Weatherman is better than Your Weatherman.

You might remember that I have a bit of an impure crush on my local meteorologist . I actually do know him personally (and have for several years), so obviously I have to curttail my lustful thoughts, but he's just supercute and I can't help myself.

In addition to his dashing good looks, the man is cool as hell. He wore the nosewarmer I made him on the air last winter (seriously, what other TV personality would do that, except maybe Ellen DeGeneres? I don't see nosewarmers atop the list of Oprah's Favorite Things. Hmmmm... perhaps I'll send her one.). He plays guitar and sings in a band, has fantastic taste in music, and is totally hilarious.

So because I was pretty sure he'd say yes, I presented him with an idea. While I was unpacking boxes, I found a bunch of ugly vintage ties. I'd found them at estate sales and had the intention of sewing them together into a skirt but of course I never did because I have no idea how to sew. But they were the kind of ugly that's so ugly it's cool and it was a shame to throw them out.

See? Was I kidding? UGLY.

At this time of year his station raises money for The Salvation Army and he and his Morning Show crew compete against the Evening Anchors to see who can raise the most. I offered to send him the ugly ties and make a donation for each tie he dared to wear on the air.

And my weatherman, in his infinite coolness, said he'd do it.

So, on Monday mornings at about 7:25, tune in for a segment called My Tie Mondays. And, if you are so inclined, feel free to send in the ugliest tie you can find and a donation to The Salvation Army and he'll wear it on the air (unless it's green because of the green screen) and you'll enjoy 30 seconds of St. Louis fame!*

* unless there's a Winter Weather Advisory, like today.

How cool is that?


Skye said...

That is awesome!!!

I so wish I could watch your local weather on Monday mornings!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Ha! That's so cool!

cpurl17 said...

No wonder they call you Brilliant! If you can,post some u-tube videos!

Elizabeth said...

I like that red one. But not for a tie.

SiressYorkie said...

Erm...will he be wearing anything else, or just the tie? ;)

Is there a website for the station and his reports? I'd love to see him in one of those ties...

Bezzie said...

You crack me the eff up!

Kevin said...

Oh the retinal burn! I'm not sure my eyes could take that at 7:25 in the morning.

CBear said...

I hope you can figure out how to catch some screen shots of this and post for us!

How much fun! And a wonderful idea!

You truly are BRILLIANT!

shiguy4076 said...

Those ties are pretty awesome.

Ed said...

Put together like that those ties look like an interference pattern.
Love the paisley, I had one like it when I was seven.

Just as well you didn't make a skirt out of them, think of all the car crashes you would have caused, peeps thinking, "WTF!"