Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I probably shouldn't be proud, but I am.

First, I'm really proud of the fact that I have spent nothing on teacher gifts this year. Last year we have each of the kids' teachers a $10 gift card to Blockbuster and put it inside one of those microwavable popcorn tubs. Tito and Pie each had three teachers, and Beeb had two. So we spent $100, easily, on teacher gifts. STOOPID. This year I spent zero.

This year I had fewer teachers to deal with, which was great because I had less money too. So I fished around in my stash and found yarn to make scarves for the boys' teachers - this year Tito has two and Pie has only one - and hats for Beeb's two teachers, who are both men.

Here are Tito's teachers' gifts (I made two identical so there'd be no fighting amongst them):

And here is Pie's teacher's gift. I figured only a kindergarten teacher could get away with wearing it:

Yes, it's Thick N' Quick.

I wouldn't knit a guy a scarf unless I knew he was a scarf guy. And I have yet to meet a scarf guy. I'm sure they exist, but it's kinda more like an urban legend to me. So I decided to make Beeb's teacher a hat. And the stash yarn I had that was the most masculine in color (I have a lot of pinks and purples, for some reason) was this Lopi Lite wool that I'd never used before.

The hat itself came out well, I think. I thought I'd taken a picture of it, but I guess I didn't. Oh wait, here it is:

But it itched reeeeeally bad, and I didn't want Beeb's cool teacher to hate it. So when Beeb came and asked if I was done with her teacher's gift I told her yeah, it was finished but it was really itchy and I didn't think he would like it.

Incidentally, here's the one I ended up making to replace it. It's the House Beanie from Charmed Knits, in a marginally masculine self-striping Patons Merino. I think maybe I should have made a medium instead of a large.

But I didn't want to trash the itchy one, because aesthetically, it looked nice, and it could still pass as a gift for someone I was morally obligated but not totally thrilled to give a gift to. So I asked Beeb what she thought I should do with it.

Well, I could give it to Mr. French. I don't really like him. He's kinda mean.

My Inner Bitch secretly applauded her snarkiness.

Sure, Beebs, if you want to give to a teacher you don't like, that's fine with me. Like somebody's gonna complain about a handknitted gift.

Beeb giggled with a deliciously infectious catty glee.

It's fun to give a sucky gift to someone you hate!
Damn straight it is! I've taught you so well!!!!

We're a coupla bitches, aren't we, Beebie?

Yes, I said that out loud.


Kevin said...

I knew a couple of scarf guys when I worked at the college. And there was one guy in my self defense class the second-to-last semester I taught it that would actually knit during class, at least during the discussion part. He was smart enough to put it down for the techniques.

Elizabeth said...

I never give teacher gifts. It's against our district policy and everyone seems to stick to that pretty well.

There were definitely some teachers in my youth I would have give a Lopi hat to, though.

Ed said...

You don't know many Dr Who fans from the 70-80's then.

Tom Baker was my 'Doctor' and he wore a scarf.

So do I if it's cold enough and it's a tad chilly at the mo.

If I got a presi like that I'd be made up and I'd wear it all year round, just like the doctor.

Make me one 12' long and I'll be happier than a pig in s*$t.

You're great!

Elspeth said...

Great teacher gift ideas. We keep having the same ones so I've basically shot my wad on knitting stuff, but every year I wish I had made more!