Monday, June 18, 2007

You Would Have Been So Proud Of Me.

Yesterday, as you know, was Father's Day. And, of course, that means a pilgrimage to Chez Inlaw. The Inlaws live on a lake and they recently purchased a paddleboat. The Aldis, the inlaws, R and the Apes and I all walked down to the dock. While Reverend Aldi, Aldigirl, and the Apes were out in the boat (leaving myself, FIL, MIL, Mrs. Aldi and Aldiboy on the dock), FIL said,

"Hey, Sarah, did you want to go out in the boat?" Which would have received a simple Um, no, thanks from me. But instead, he added,

"It's reeeeeeally good exercise..."

No, he didn't offer skinnyass Mrs. Aldi the opportunity to exercise. Just me. So just to fuck with him, I said (only a little sarcastically),

"Are you suggesting that I need the exercise???"

He was visibly shaken - and he apologized. Score one for me. And I wasn't even wearing my Power Panties. Perhaps through osmosis I've got some residual Power Panty Power in my ass. I mean, hell, there's plenty of surface area.

The day before, I had driven about 45 minutes to the Outlet Mall that's not really an Outlet Mall, and when I got out to my car, it wouldn't start. Great.

Pie panicked momentarily - "What are we gonna do???"

"Well, first we're gonna call Triple A. Then we're gonna call PopPop. Then we're gonna call my friend Tom the Mechanic. Then we'll send Dad a text message."

I was supposed to get Beebie to some PSR thing at 4, so I was also gonna have to call the Church Nazi and explain that I had planned to leave the mall at 3 to allow myself plenty of time to get there, but here I was in a mall parking lot with three kids and a dead battery. God would understand, but I wasn't so sure the Church Nazi would.

But first, I had to call Triple A. I have to say, I love Triple A. The rescue truck arrived within about twenty minutes. The kids were such troopers, I was really proud of their patience.

So, after determining that the problem was that I hadn't replaced my battery in the last seven years (oops), Jeff the Supercool AAA Dude hooked me up with a brand spankin' new battery, complete with a 6-year warranty, and we were on our way.

As we were leaving, Tito asked in his tiny voice, "But Mommy, when is Chick-Fil-A gonna come?"


"You called Chick-Fil-A on the phone. When are they gonna get here?"

Perhaps Chick-Fil-A should team up with Triple A on service calls. I'm sure anybody who's stranded would appreciate a snack.

This week has been officially dubbed Self-Inflicted Insanity Week. For the next five days, I'm dropping Beebie off at church at 7:45am, then driving 23 miles to drop Pie off at his camp, then picking Beebie up again at noon, then driving the 23 miles back to pick Pie up at 4. I'm lugging Tito around with me, and today Tito was awesome. You know how sometimes they're just so damn cute you can't get enough of 'em? Tito was in the zone.

Why did I agree to let Pie attend a camp 45 minutes away? Because I'm either the best mom ever or the biggest sucker in the world. Perhaps both. This camp is actually for disabled kids, but he was invited to attend by Kelly the director who used to be his aquatherapist before she went to work for this organization full-time. She's so cool, and I really admire her work. So I'm doing it because I know Pie will love it, and to be supportive of Kelly and DASA.

I don't really think of Pie as being disabled, because his day-to-day life isn't really affected by his birth defect. But the reality is that he does such a good job of conpensating for the muscles he doesn't have, we don't even realize how hard he's working. So while I feel a little bad that someone else who needs more help could be going to the camp instead of him, I have to remind myself that he's just as entitled to attend, benefit from it and enjoy it as much as any other kid.

So anyway, I'm not real familiar with the area of town where this camp is located, so I left myself plenty of time to find it. I made a wrong turn on Bumblefeck Rd and took it until it dead-ended into East Egypt.

These are the moments when I'm reeeeeeeeally happy I'm on medication.

I turned around and eventually found it with plenty of time to spare. And Pie had the BEST time. It was totally worth it.


cpurl17 said...

Am I the first comment? I just want to say you're an AWESOME Mom with or without Power panties

OldLadyPenPal said...


Batty said...

At least you had a brand new battery that made sure you didn't get stuck in the boonies all by yourself!

23 miles, though. Wow. That's real mothering commitment, that is!

SiressYorkie said...

Kids are ace when they're in "the zone" as you say. It makes you remember why you wanted them in the first place. Also prevents you from eating your young.

Bezzie said...

Damnit, now I want a chicken sandwich. And my car still runs!

Ed said...

I only have 3 things to say to you.



Zonda said...

Go you! You told him sans Power Panties!! Glad the car ordeal didn't last long! Yeah, I wanna chicken sandwich now too!! gah!

You are a cool Mom! I'd love to have you as my Mom!!! :)

Poops said...

Oh, I couldn't be more proud of you! You are SUPERMOM!

Carina said...

You rock! Getting your FIL like that was priceless! Man, he soooo deserved it, too (in a good way, I mean *blush*).

I'm a mean mom. My kids aren't in summer sports, they're taking art classes where I teach, and now I've screwed up the school paperwork somehow. I might try a camp, if I can get them in, but the boy's balking at the entire idea. *sigh* You're such a good mom.

Kevin said...

Forget teaming up. Chick-Fil-A needs to have their own roadside emergency service! Of course, they'd seriously spike my premiums because I'd be calling them all the damn time.