Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Slacker Moms VINDICATED!!

The Five-Second Rule has been scientifically proven!


Ed said...

The planet would have to be locked in a nuclear winter and I would have to be mad thru' hunger before I would eat anything off the floor. The length of time is immaterial the fact that it has touched the floor is the important bit. It's the floor!

Batty said...

I saw that. One of my co-workers can't believe I'll pick up stuff off the office floor and eat it. The way I see it, my immune system needs a workout every once in a while. If I can't drag my butt to the gym on a regular basis, I'm going to make those white blood cells sweat, dangit!

Sorka said...

woo hoo!! But ya know after the 2nd kid.. that binky just goes right back in the mouth after wiping off any obvious stuff!!!
I still wouldn't eat the sandwich in that report!

SiressYorkie said...

...there's a five second rule?

In my house if it lands on the floor, we call it Free Game.

What's WITH you uppity people?

Alisha said...

I heard a whole thing about this on our local radio station. I was laughing to myself because the rule here is if you drop and pick it up within 10 seconds and there is no dog poop around (outside of course LOL) then your good to go. Hell by the study we have a good minute before we have to worry LOL

Kevin said...

I live by the wet/dry rule. If either the food or the floor/surface/whatever it lands on is wet/soggy/soft/gooey/etc, then it's no go. Otherwise I just don't worry about it, because I'd hope my body is strong enough to handle whatever piddly germ things are laying around. If not, well, who wants to live in that kind of fear anyway?