Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Moment You've All Been Wookin For.

First, a recap. Thus far, Your Cool Friend Penny has given you:

Twelve Sexy Tranzies
Eleven Winners in Wifebeaters
Ten Really Bad Glamour Shots
Nine Gals Named Tammy
Eight Lovely Ladies in Lingerie
Seven Festive Freaks
Six Icky Naked Guys
Five Men with Fancy Facial Hair
Four Chins (and Four Sensitive Ponytail Men)
Three Zany Chandelier-Swingin' Party Gals
Two Bulging Boobies

(Ahem... Who loves you the most? ME.)

And now. Finally. It's Day One.

I forget where I found it, but it wasn't my usual Love Happens site. I snagged it from a blog last year, I think.

I'll allow sufficient Not Safe For Work Spoiler Space.

Many thanks to my awesome R for his Photoshop expertise!

R deserves some serious props, y'all. What a great husband he is to sit in front of an uncensored pic of a lumpy, fat, pasty, naked old perv and create a clever way to festively cover up the shrunken genitalia of said lumpy, fat, pasty naked old perv (and if you really want the original unedited pic, I'll send it to you, you f*ckin sicko) so that I might have an appropriately freakish finale for my Twelve Days of Wookin!

How many other husbands would do that for their wives? Could I possibly have married a better man? He constantly proves his love for me in such adorable, albeit somewhat unconventional ways.

And so, from myself, R, Beebie, Pie and Tito -
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

UPDATE: Just in case you missed it in the comments section (thanks, Elizabeth!), this totally needs to be posted under Icky Naked Grandpa.

Explicit Lyrics Warning - but it's so worth it.


Bezzie said...

I am right now!!!

I should have seen this coming!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video yet?

Anyway, I had a post which I lost, because blogger reminds me AFTER the FACT that I'm supposed to log in to the new blogger via Google and I screwed up. Bah.

Anyway, I think this guy needs a box for his stuff.

Penny Karma said...

Oh my GOD, that link needs to be posted for all to see.

I nearly effin' wet myself laughing.

cpurl17 said...

A perfect ending to the 12 days..

Momma Monkey said...





OldLadyPenPal said...

That woman needs a brassiere. Or two.

Ok, that video made me laugh SO HARD! I love you, Elizabeth! Also, I love Justin Timberlake (it's true, and this has only happened recently).

Wouldn't you DIE, PK, if someone commented you and said that was their Dad or something? I don't wanna know!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, my sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

absolutely hysterical

Jennifer said...

My eyes!! My eyes!!!! LOL!

amylovie said...


R is the BEST!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...wiping up spilled tea! Good thing it cooled off!! First, naked grandpa..Hahaha!

But the thing in the box..too funny!!

*Cleaning up spilled tea*

Merry Christmas!!

Bezzie said...

OH DEAR GOD! I thought I could watch that with Chunky playing in the other room--um yeah, he comes out of his room shaking his booty to the groove and singing along. Now he's signing the lyrics except when he gets to the word "dick" he sings "that word I'm not supposed to say."

I'm dying here, DYING!! Ha ha!

turtlegirl76 said...

Dammit. Here I thought it was supposed to be "cock in a box". Dick sounds so much less humorous to me. Phooey.

Penny Karma said...

Really? For some reason, Dick is funnier to me.

I'd honestly never given it much thought until now.