Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks for nuthin, Buffy.

Ok, remember last time, when I had that huge pile of stuff from Buffy on my kitchen floor waiting for me to go through it? Well, R and I thought we should empty out the pantry to make space for all the stuff.

Full disclosure - When cleaning out my own pantry, I found this box of chocolate Viactiv calcium supplements from 2007. I'm not perfect. I know.

Now let me refresh your memory a bit. Here's the pic of most of the stuff Dummy gave us, minus the rancid Crisco (which I can still taste, by the way).

Here's what we kept.

Here's what we threw away.

If she just said "Hey, Sarah, throw this box of crap away for me," it would have been so much simpler.

Seriously, look at some of this shit. This is a huge bottle of Teriyaki sauce from 2006.

Here's a box of tea bags from 2000.

Did ya think I was kidding about Folgers Chunks? I WASN'T.

Ah, who doesn't have one of these cans in their pantry?
Buffy had two, both unopened.

One from 2003. . .

and one from the Clinton Administration.

Remember this stuff from the 1970's,
before we knew MSG was a bad thing?

WHY in God's name would you buy THIS much of ANYTHING???

If it's taken you four years to get halfway through this much pepper,

why the FUCK would you buy THIS much????

I'm just speechless.


SiressYorkie said...

The unopened baking powder and the large spice containers would probably be okay, all things considered.

The rest of it is really weird. Ew.

Penny Karma said...

The stuff in the big spice containers was all clumpy and gross. And the dried onions reminded me of toenail clippings.

I just can't get over how one single human being can cause me so much distress. Usually I have to sleep with someone before they make me wish I'd never met them.

Kashmir Knitter said...

I buy that giant thing of Taco Seasoning at Costco too. But I actually use it, even so it still shocks me when I run out, I mean who uses THAT MUCH taco seasoning? Well, me but you know what I mean.

elspeth said...

And we know that baking powder doesn't work after a certain time, right, it's not like it'll just taste less spicy or more gross (Crisco) or anything. I had fun at my parents this summer convincing them to throw away their antique sunscreen collection. Love when it's got a label from a store that hasn't existed for 15 years ...

To quote Jim Gaffigan, to Buffy from you, "Don't give me an errand."

Bezzie said...

Ha ha, put me down as another one that buys that giagantic thing of taco seasoning. I did the math--the 79 cent packets at Shoprite every week were way more expensive than the $3.70 tub o'spice. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a bulk taco spice addiction.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to never sleep with you.

Wendy said...

my dad once had a jar of sanka, instant coffee, with COBWEBS in it!! WTH?!?!

so at least you didn't have that.

SiressYorkie said...

I am inspired to make tacos tonight for tea. Thanks, PK!

turtlegirl76 said...

The scary thing is those things have a good long experation date on them. So they aren't even from the years marked. They're at least 1-3 years OLDER than that!

SHELLY said...

Hehe, I'm with Bezzie and others on the taco seasoning. We always buy it like that.........we eat a lot of tacos, nachos, quesadillas and the like.