Thursday, March 06, 2008

And Ya Wanna Know The REAL Irony?

Not only do I have Three-Out-At-A-Time Unlimited through the mail with Blockbuster Online, but I also have One-Out-At-A-Time Unlimited through Netflix as a back-up.

I'd actually... kinda... totally forgotten about that.

Anyway, as a pubic service (I meant to type Public but I decided Pubic was funnier), if you're snowed in, too, here's some fun stuff you and the kiddos can watch safely from home:

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ElizaMac said...

Many years ago, my kid brother had some issues with spelling and speech. Such that he always spelled, and sometimes said, pubic in place of public. I always got such a huge kick out of this- and now that the issues are resolved, I can laugh freely about those times. It's funny how one letter can make all the difference...