Monday, August 27, 2007

Six Sticks of Butter.

That's a pound and a half, if my math is correct.

That's what I gave FIL for his birthday. In the form of my famous toffee and Oatmeal M&M cookies. I just thought you all would appreciate that.

Don't you just love a productive weekend??? I do!

I can't even believe how much I got done. I did a stinky sink full of dishes, did an insane amount of laundry, packed up the boys' winter clothes and the flannel sheets and blankets, and got Beebie to purge two garbage bags full of clothes that don't fit her anymore. I also got rid of EVERY single piece of candy in the house and as many little McDonald's toys as I could find. All of this, I did on Sunday.

Saturday I took Pie to the doctor because he woke up screaming and holding his ear. The doctor looked in Pie's ears, said they looked fine, and felt Pie's neck. He could apparently feel a tight muscle or something, because he said that Pie probably slept on it funny and he's just got a sore neck. Thank you very much, that'll be twenty bucks. And then he wouldn't take the Motrin I bought to help him feel better. Grrrrr.

That evening R and I took the kids out to the Sky-View Drive-In to see Underdog and Stardust. It was KMOX radio night, so the admission price (regularly $8.00 per adult, each adult can bring two kids for free) was $11.20. It was sold out! I was really happy to see the Drive-In so full. I LOVE that place. Best people-watching north of the Pevely Flea Market.

Of course I took my knitting. Had you all forgotten that I knit? I do. I just don't blog about it because it's not interesting. I mean, anyone who's into knitting enough to not think I'm a tool for blogging about knitting in the first place (BTW, remember when Ed couldn't believe people devoted entire blogs to knitting? Ed, you've come so far. And we love you for it.) would be completely unimpressed by anything I was capable of doing.

I haven't made anything interesting in a while. I've been on a dishcloth kick recently, but I've also discovered the joy of Feather and Fan! Once I figured out that you have to K2tog 3 times and then 3 more times, I was golden. And I found some Noro Kureyon in my stash (still haven't bought yarn since February - can ya believe?? I'm seriously aching for a Knitorious spree, and it about broke my heart to pass up the Kirkwood Knittery Cotton Sale last weekend, but I have to wait until after we close on the house) which is one of my favorite yarns to knit with because of the dramatic color changes. Observe. Even a non-knitter can appreciate Noro.

I'm still kinda wiped out by all the running around I have to do every day, but it's fine. It does cut into my internet access time, though, and I hate not being able to write in my blog or catch up on my blog reading. I took a Xanax on Saturday and was quite pleased with the effect. I didn't feel lethargic or loopy like I had feared. I actually felt calm and in control.

I think we're going to refer to them as my FIL PILLS, because I certainly plan to double up the dosage on Inlaw-visit days.


sophanne said...

I was going through those bloglines thinkin' where HAS that PennyKarma been- I've missed her way with words. Sounds like you've been out of control busy-is there some sort of promoting heart failure going on with the FIL and the pound and a half?

Bezzie said...

Ooo, that is some purty yarn.

FIL PILLS. A pill to combat a pill.

SiressYorkie said...

You didn't have anything witty to say about the cross-section of humanity you saw at the drive in! I was all set for a good long description, and it went FLOOMPH. *puppy dog eyes*

Jo said...

Good luck with the FIL pills :) I wish we had a drive in near here. We used to go to one all the time when I was a child - I have vague memories of seeing multiple kung fu movies, "Pirahnas!", "The Changeling", and the Conan the Barbarian movies when I was a child. No... my parents weren't much into censorship - it was the 70s ;)

Ed said...

All that butter! I can hear his arteries clanging shut all the way over here.
I don't think we have drive-ins over here, there probably isn't the space needed for them, pity.
And as for that whole changing colour thing, I've often wondered how 'they' did that.

turtlegirl76 said...

But Yorkie she said it last time she showed us that pic! That woman over her right hand shoulder? Oh wait. That last time was about a kid's butt. What about the lady in pink, Sarah? Come on. I know you got something snarky to say about her!

Poops said...

Purty yarn! What color, please?

All I have to say is "Mmmmm, Xanax."

Better n' candy.

ZantiMissKnit said...

Hey, guess what? I'm doing Feather n Fan in Noro too! We're, like, FnF twins!

I haven't been to the drive-in since last year's viewing of Snakes on a Plane in NYS. We even missed the double feature of "Superbad" and "Knocked Up" -- can ya believe it???!!!!

kathy said...

Thanks for your compliment on my tattoo! So, how many do you have? I swore after that night that I would never get another, but now I'm already contemplating something for my ankle!

Batty said...

You're Superwoman! Feel free to send me some of those cookies anytime you feel like it. Always glad to help around here!

SiressYorkie said...

When you gonna update, you lazy tart? C'MON! What's going on in your world!?