Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Were YOU at 12:01???

(Muggles, look away. And I don't mean Muggles as in Non-Knitters.)

R and I took the boys to the Harry Potter Book release party at the Books-A-Million store at the Mills Mall. I'd never been to a book release or any kind of midnight release of anything before, and I can't remember the last time I was awake after midnight without it being related to my ongoing insomnia problem. I wasn't sure what kind of freakfest I was in for.

Keep in mind that I'm still kinda dipping my toe in the waters of Geekery... R's an avid reader of fantasy (which I now understand is GREATLY different from Sci-Fi... excuse me) including Stackpole and Salvatore (those are the names I can remember off the top of my head) and he's done some gaming, back in the day. I mean, come on, I did the Pirate Festival and Ren Faire, which I never would have done even just a few years ago. I'm slowly becoming the person I would have made fun of in high school, even though that person was probably only a half-rung below my own loser status.

We talked Pie into dressing up in the Harry Potter costume he wore to the Pevely Flea Market Halloween Party last year, and I kinda came up with a little something Tito could wear too, and off we went. We were immediately greeted at the store entrance by The Sorting Hat. I love the concept of The Sorting Hat. I wish there was a hat like that to help me make decisions. The Sorting Hat put us in Gryffindor House.

I was so impressed by the activities the store had planned and how well the entire operation was run. I thought we'd be bored from 9:00 when the party started to whenever we actually got our book, sometime after midnight. But they kept the kids separated by age (the age 16+ kids were Slytherin) and had managable, age-appropriate activities running the whole night.

They had photo ops, including a background with the sky and the Golden Snitch suspended from the ceiling. You could hop atop a broom and put on Quidditch goggles and pretend you were a Seeker. The broom itself wasn't exactly a Nimbus 2000, but you get the idea.

And they had Azkaban Prison, which I thought was very cleverly done. Doesn't Tito look pitiful?

And kids could get their faces painted by a guy wearing eye makeup. I kinda like when a guy can wear eye makeup and look good - think Johnny Depp, not Transie Day on WPN Wednesday. (Note to self: I need to get back into that.) But anyway, there was a dazzling selection of things you could get Sexy Eyeliner Guy to draw on you, not just a dipshit rainbow or a heart or a smiley face. This guy was an artist. Tito got a Snitch and Pie got a Broom.

They had trivia contests - which Beebie kicked ass at, over the phone from Nana and Pop Pop's - and a "Guess how many Bernie Botts Beans are in this jar" game. But the BEST part of all was the costumes. Sybil Trelauney had a teacup with The Grim drawn inside it, and Madame Hooche had a cool-looking broom.

And the Ministers of Magic Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge costumes were quite impressive. I was hoping there would be a Dolores.

I was SORELY disappointed that there wasn't a Professor Snape or a Sirius Black in attendance, but in retrospect, it was probably best for everyone that there wasn't, or I'd have made a spectacle of myself, for sure. I was content to swoon over a picture instead, thinking lewd thoughts such as "Oh, Professor... we mustn't...".

Aren't we a hot couple? Like Becks and Posh? Only I doubt Posh would be reading America's Cheapest Family. Can I audition for PennyPincher Posh?Oh, and P.S., The Posh Spice in America show is MAY-JUH. Totally my new favorite show.

Pie finished second overall to Sybil Trelauney, and for his prize, he got a hand-carved wooden wand crafted by the dude who came as Cornelius Fudge...

Which was really cool, but the BEST part was that he got to be SECOND in line, out of the hundreds of people in the store, to get his book! He was so proud!

We had the BEST time. It was totally worth it.

R's already on page 250.


Bezzie said...

Ok, despite how I feel for the Pooper, I had to read this. I can't let my hatred of the Pooper make me skip a BMB entry!

I AM DYING!!! Are R and Dr. Mad Scientist long lost brothers? His bookshelf is full of Salvatore and Eddings. Gah. I'm totally with you in turning into the geek I was so glad I wasn't in HS, but wouldn't have that far to fall if I did.

And Dr. MS is on page 299 ;-)

LilKnitter said...

A return to WPN Wednesdays?! Stellar!

That is awesome for Pie, to be second in line for his book. It sounds like you had a fantastic time despite (or because of?) the late hour. And yeah, Alan Rickman...straaaangely attractive!!

Elspeth said...

Sexy eyeliner guy really is! No Snapes, huh? What a loss! I'd want to be in Slytherin myself if he were there.

cpurl17 said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww. I'm so glad you all had a good time!

(I like the Posh show too!. She's Major)

The Fluffy Ewe said...

My hubby must be the long lost triplet because we have Eddings, Martin, Salvatore, Stackpole, Goodkind, Bunch, etc. on our bookshelves too. Do we even need to mention Dragon Lance?

Tito and Pie are such cuties! I love that pic of Tito in the prison. lol

I haven't started the book yet... any of them. Lol I do have them all though. I'm waiting to read them to the boys. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Ed said...

No Prof.Snape. What's the world coming to?

I'm not a huge fan of the potter books but that bash looked like a lot of fun.

Eye make-up boy, freak!

And yes, you do make a good couple.


Evil Baritone said...

Where was I? Partying at the nearby pub. Then I got my copy in a jiffy after the "Christmas Eve" rush was over. I am sorry I missed all the freaks in costume & makeup.

DomesticOverlord said...

I was at Barnes and Noble here in SD. Only I didn't take my kids! The winner of our costume contest was a woman in her 50's dressed as the Whomping Willow. She rocked.

buttercup said...

Been meaning to comment for a couple days now... I love the pic of Tito in jail and man do you have the cutest boys! These pics are awesome!

I was trying to throw a Trelawney costume together at the last minute (I have enough shawls!) but I just couldn't get it together in time.

Ferris Family said...

You are a geek, and I love you for it!
Those costumes are great.