Monday, January 08, 2007

The Yin and Yang of my life.

Bad: I not only started my period but also sprouted a big ugly cold sore on the day of my son's 4th birthday party. Oh, I'm feeling GORRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS.

Good: Hobby Lobby has my favorite cheap yarn on sale. Frosting. $1.99/skein. I love that shit. I can make two scarves from one skein, and when I give them to Beeb's friends and other non-crafty folks, well, they think I'm a damn genius.

Bad: Updated the bank balance for the first time since November 15th. It took a whole afternoon and left me curled up and twitching on my bed for over an hour.

Good: At least I'm aware of how little money I have, and it's actually strangely comforting. A sense of that would have been helpful earlier - perhaps I wouldn't have bought the $1.99 Frosting.

Nah, I still would have. Let's not kid ourselves.


Joel Widdershins said...

Face it, nothing can overwhelm your babe-ness!!! (Or is that babe-itude?)


ZantiMissKnit said...

Frosting. Mmmmmm. . . I'm hungry now.