Friday, November 18, 2005

Ryanisms Volume 1


My son Ryan is almost 4, and he's always whippin out these crazy contextless sentences that sound like Bob Dylan lyrics, so I started calling them Ryanisms. One of my favorite Ryanisms came when I was changing his diaper about a year ago. He looked up at me pensively and said:

"Mom, it's hard to eat candy on a bumpy road."

Think about it. It's true.

And just moments ago, I heard:

"Mom, I'm not going to pick my nose in the Christmas Play."

Which refers to the time last summer when his Vacation Bible School put on a show for the parents at the end of the week, and he sat on the stage with his finger in his nose. This reference alone would have been funny enough, but he went on to say:

"Because camels don't pick their noses."

1 comment:

monkeemaven said...

What's with the nose-picking today! I was minding my own business, sittin' in the car waiting for my mom to finish shopping for clothes (oy)... happily knitting away and watching the entertaining show known as the parking lot of a big honking mall which is right next to the interstate ... I see this guy come out of a store, hop into his low-rider sports car dealie... he tears out of the parking lot... window open, arm propped up on the door... with his finger square up his nose. How sexy is that, dude!