Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just call me Aunt Clara

Today my goal is to finish the scarf I started last week so that I may proceed to create the most heinous Mother/Daughter matching scarf and hat ensemble ever. Tee hee!! It's going to look like furry pink puke and I can't wait. I'm going to twitter with fiendish glee when I see my unfortunate family members wearing them.

Ok, ever seen A Christmas Story? Remember when Ralphie has to try on the bunny suit that his Aunt Clara made - Aunt Clara who for years had labored under the delusion that he was both perpetually four years old and a girl? Imagine if Aunt Clara had actually intended to create a hand-made item so awful and hideous not for her nephew to enjoy, but for her own amusement? She knew Ralphie's mother would ensure that she got a chance to see him wearing the revolting frock. Poor delusional Aunt Clara is suddenly my kinda gal - Wicked Diabolical Aunt Clara! That's the kind of crazy old person I want to be. I'll let them all think I've lost my marbles when I hand them a hand-knit acrylic nightmare, and I'll snicker softly when they force themselves to choke back a gasp of horror and instead say "ooooh, thanks Aunt Sarah! You must have worked realllllllllly hard on this..."

Muhhhwaaaaahahahahahahaha!!! Crazy like a fox!

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