Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heard It Through The Grapevine.

You might not have known this about me, but I'm not big on the Forgive And Forget thing. I know it's unhealthy to go through life bitter, but I bear grudges against people who have pissed me off FOREVER.


Why do I bring this up? Because I'm still pissed off at Julie Wigglesworth (aka "The Grapevine") for telling the entire world when I was literally - LITERALLY - the only person cut from the girls' basketball team tryouts because I kept forgetting to inbound the ball. And she'll be at my 20-year reunion this weekend.

Kev and I ran into Julie at Little Ceasar's last week when we were picking up dinner for The Apes. I can't wait to see what rumors get started via "The Prayer Chain", which is basically where everyone spills whatever juicy piece of gossip they have uncovered.

"Ladies, we need to pray for Penny Karma's marriage... I saw her last week WITH ANOTHER MAN!!! (insert collective gasp of horror amidst clinking of teacups)" And by the way, whenever you add food to one of these dirt-dishing sessions, it's doesn't count as gossip.

Snark + Snacks = FELLOWSHIP. Just tellin ya.

I was briefly tempted to bring Kev to my reunion, but I think it'll be way funnier if I bring my trophy husband R and try to send Julie silent but comically overt signals to keep mum about the fact that she totally busted me with my boyfriend. Whatever. R and I have no secrets from each other, but I'll take the high road and let her think she got the scoop of the century, because I'm the better person.

And P.S., she's gained at least eighty pounds since the 10-year reunion. I, on the other hand, have lost about forty. And I have a kickass dress to wear that looks absolutely stunning on me, thanks to Kev's mom who altered it for me in exchange for pumpkin muffins that don't taste like pumpkin. Plus I got a Swiss Army bra to go under it. The bra cost more than the dress, hose, and shoes combined.

And my husband's a million times cuter and awesomer. Oh, and get this - she started dating her husband back in high school (married the first guy she ever kissed - how very Barbara Bush) and she was sooooo excited to tell us that instead of going to a four-year college, he was going to go to a tech school to learn both "Heating AND Cooling... so he can work year-round!!" Like it was a double major or something. Mensa material, for sure.

She's one of those people who spin the most mundane shit to try to puff themselves up. When her hubby's grandfather died, they moved into his house, which just happens to be in a very nice suburb of St. Louis (where I just happened to grow up), but the way it appeared in the Alumni Newsletter was that they had "inherited an ESTATE in Kirkwood". Ok, the word Estate doesn't necessarily refer to a giant fancy house, it could also - and, in this case, DOES - refer to an acrid-smelling house full of acrylic yarn and other old people crap. I mean, Hello, ever been to an Estate SALE?

But I'm not one to talk snarky shit behind someone else's back.

Ok, I suppose my sharing all of this with you while eating Cocoa Puffs out of the box technically counts as Fellowship, if you're snarfing a snack too.

Remember back when I was trying to decide whether or not to join my high school's alumni group on Facebook? I've been way more active on FB than on my blog, and I feel kinda guilty about that. But rest assured that this blog will ALWAYS be the place where I unload my profane rants about the things that many of my FB friends won't be able to handle.

My blog is my internal monologue. Facebook and Twitter are my internal one-liners. A lot of them are little situational funnies and snide remarks that come to me in a particular moment, and I don't feel that those moments contain enough substance to warrant a full blog post.

I'm sorry if I've disappointed any lurkers, but I find Facebook more engaging. Feedback is more immediate and conversational. I like when people comment on my silly status updates and pictures and I can know exactly who's reading what I'm writing. Yeah, my Facebook is kind of a watered-down version of my life (which requires some major filtering since my parents and uberconservative high school friends read it), but I love that people still think I'm funny when I'm not dropping a ton of muthahfuckin expletives n' shit.

In totally unrelated news, I've been trying to figure out how I can bring up the subject of knitting to my sons' teachers. Because if they are, in fact, knitters, I'm going to have to rethink my Teacher Holiday Gift plan. Non-knitters are mesmerized by FunFur because they don't know shitty yarn when they see it. I would never knit a gift for someone I knew was also a knitter. If they don't know the difference between a knit and a purl, they're getting a cheesy garter stitch scarf for Christmas. And if they're designing their own lace charts and selling their patterns online, then I'm fucked.

I've been cranking out cheesy scarves for the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to use up all of the crap yarn in my stash. I can't believe how much Lion Brand Homespun I had. And the colorway I had, when knitted up, kinda looks like it was made out of dog hair. What was I thinking??? But I'll knit it up into something that would impress a Muggle, and give it away and then it will be out of my house.

So my brilliant idea is to wear one of the sucktastic scarves to Parent-Teacher conferences next week and see if they comment on it. If they say, "Oh, you knit too?" then I'll say "Well, I just started recently..." instead of "Yeah, I started three or four years ago but I suck, not because I lack skills, but because I lack the ability to focus and commit to a long-term project, so I mostly make hats and scarves and stuff that doesn't require seaming."

It's sad how often I'm forced to find creative ways to hide what a dumbass I am. It's alarming how adept at it I've become.

I'm sure this skill will come in handy at my reunion. Stay tuned.


Trillian42 said...

Personally, I think you should REALLY mess with her mind, and bring both R AND Kev. Introduce them as your husband and your (pause) *friend*. :D

And since I was eating a peanut butter cup (or, um, five) while reading this, it's TOTALLY Fellowship.

Penny Karma said...

That thought certainly occurred to me too.

Poops said...

Or you could get a friend to dress up like one of those odd cult/religions where they have braids and prairie dresses and introduce her as R's and your "wife". Reprimand her if she tries to make eye contact.

And it's kind of fun to wear a badly knit scarf and when someone asks you if you knit, tell them, "Yes, since I was a little girl." That keeps 'em guessing.

Poops said...

Oh, and I read your post whilst swallowing the last of my sub-par meatloaf. So we were fellowshipping...

elspeth said...

My most recent obsession is "market bags". You could make them cheaply (kitchen cotton) even for a fellow knitter. I'm planning on making them for Christmas gifts! (And you're saving the planet - less plastic bags ;) )

Penny Karma said...

Poops, I don't know if Mrs. Kev would be willing to don polygamist cult garb, but if the potential reward is to mindfuck some self-righteous douchebags, we might be able to talk her into it.

Kev said...

I just want to bust into the reunion, fake smack R and yell "Whatcha' doing with my woman?!"

SuperWife might be convinced to to participate if you promise her booze.

And folks, don't let her fool you. I get LOTS of compliments from "Real Knitters" (the old ladies at church) about the quality of PK's work when I wear them.

When we ran into Julie, I so wanted to smack PK on the butt and say "lets go sweet cheeks," but Julie's kids were there.

ooooo - "accidently" call R "Kev" in front of her :)

SiressYorkie said...

I didn't go to my recent 20 year HS reunion because of many reasons, not the least of which was that it was in August back in MD (a truly hellish time of year) but because all the douchebags I hated 20 years ago would see me and think they could treat me like they did 20 years ago, just some poor little white girl who didn't understand anything of the real world like THEY did.

Most of them are pathetic now and ridiculous. I did everything I set out to do in life and more whilst they still sit there and complain how life is so unfair and no one recognises their genius. Blah. And nearly every single one of them has ballooned out...the same people who used to tease me mercilessly for being heavy in HS.

I give you credit for going, and I hope you have a rockin' time. Show em your grit!

Batty said...

You should totally do the covert glances, the shushing motions, the meaningful looks. It would make your reunion so much more entertaining!

Anonymous said...

All I want is one of those shitty scarves. Mmm...shitty scarves.