Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yes, there is justice.

Had I not turned my phone off when I went to bed last night, I would have seen the following text message from Buffy when it came in at 11:01 in the pm -

Note to self - do not move across country, send first born to 3 weeks of camp, start new job, send 'new and improved' husband away, start baby butt at new daycare AND start period when you're feel [sic] the most lonely... You know - for the NEXT time I do this!! >)

And my Strep test came back negative.


Anonymous said...

She should say "note to self: learn to respect other people's time, and think about the fucking time zone before sending a text or calling."

SiressYorkie said...

Buffy lives in BuffyLand, wherein all things revolve round her, doncha know.

Congrats on the negative strep test. You do seem prone to those infections, don't you? If you'd been positive, I'dve suggested coughing copiously into a hankie, sealing it, and mailing it to Buffy with a note saying, "So you won't get homesick, I impregnated this hankie with scents of MO...inhale deeply!"