Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ape Vacation Update.

I just have a quick minute, but I wanted to jot this down before I forgot.

So my kids are frolicking in the Gulf Of Mexico at a family church camp with my parents. They've been having a ball, despite having had no TV, no internet, no Nintendo DS, and no MP3 players for the last four days.

My mom called yesterday to check in and tell me that the kids were learning to surf, and that Tito was awesome at it. She then lamented that not seeing the news for the last few days made her feel like she was cut off from the world.

She didn't ask if Sonya Sotomayor had been confirmed, or if North Korea had unleashed its nuclear fury on the world, didn't even ask what R and I have been up to (but that may have been because she didn't really want to know, which was probably a good call).

No. What was weighing most heavily on her mind?

"Have they buried Michael Jackson yet?"


Kev said...

I'll save the MJ stuff for an upcoming post on my blog.

But as much as you miss the apes, I'm guessing in less than 48 hours after they get home, you'll ask when they'll all be out of the house again.

I miss the Apes too, and I only see them once a week or so, when they kick my ass at Wii.

Kashmir Knitter said...

Your mom is so funny.

Skye said...

I'm suffering from a shortage of brilliance...