Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Something weird is going on in my garage.

Yesterday, when I was about to celebrate President's Day with the Apes by taking them to a movie, I walked out to the garage and discovered that I had a flat tire. Not punctured, apparently, just flat. And worn out.

I went to the AAA website and entered a service request, and they had a guy out in about 30 minutes to put the spare on for me so I could get to a tire place (and btw -major kudos to AAA for speed and quality of service). Fortunately there's one within walking distance, but the Apes really didn't want to go for a walk instead of going to a movie. Pie, in particular, was extremely disappointed and eloquently voiced his displeasure.

So we dropped the car off at Auto Tire and walked to Lion's Choice for lunch. Then we walked home and a few hours and $146 later we had two new tires on our car. Then we had to take Beeb to the dentist where we waited over an hour past her appointment time before they called her name. R came home for dinner and then we watched Heroes and I slept until after 6am for the first time in months.

This morning, I went out to the garage again to get a soda and I was nearly knocked out by the unmistakable stench of SKUNK. I'm afraid to dig around the garage looking for it because I'm scared that I'd actually find a mommy and daddy skunk defending their litter of baby skunks who have taken over the place. I opened both garage doors to get the smell out, but I fear that skunk stink might attract more skunks. The smell is so bad I can actually taste it on my tongue. UGH. I don't want to call the leasing office because, frankly, I'd rather deal with skunks than the RAT BASTARDS we rent the house from.

Anyway, here are some pictures for you.

Glenn Zimmerman's Custom-Made Nosewarmer (in red to match his Fox2-issued jacket, I thought of everything)

He told me that he might wear it on Wednesday morning, but he's predicting a warm front with above-average temperatures next week. I will keep you posted.

My kickass Lexie Barnes knitting bag with the flowers made of little bitty skulls.

If my house caught fire, I would run back inside to save this bag. After all the kids were out, of course.

The smaller Calorimetry that fits much better.

The back half of the shell I made in my class.

And finally, HAPPY MARDI GRAS!

I just couldn't bring myself to post the pic that R took about three seconds after this one. If ya really wanna see it, just ask me nicely. I understand people's fascination with The Girlz.

Have I ever written about Carol (the wife of another of R's cousins), who constantly glances at my boobs whenever we're talking? It used to bug me, but now I think it's hilarious. I especially like to talk to her about our children's involvement with the school district's gifted program in front of the Aldis. Anyway, I intentionally wore a sweater to R's other cousin's wedding that offered a little glimpse of, shall we say, The Great Divide, just to jack with her.

Sometimes I wear low-cut tops to church to test the priests. I'm not going to do it again, though.

I caught Reverend Aldi peeking and it completely freaked me out. Serves me right.


cpurl17 said...

Let the Good Times Roll! Happy Mardi Gras!

Love the nose warmer and I'd put that knitting bag high on the list of things I'd save. Probably even above Important Papers.

DomesticOverlord said...

I have a Lady B also, mine is in the Hermosa pattern. I swear we were seperated at birth, a few years and states apart.

If I had any bead to send you, I'd totallt have you flash me. :)

Poops said...

I got a whole bag of beads right here, only I'm scared to look. Really, truly frightened. (Bobo's birthday theme was Mardi Gras last year, complete with baubles. Is that inappropriate for a two-year old's party? I can never tell. This year it's a Girls Next Door theme...)

AAAAAAANNNNYway, I'm glad you're back. You're still funny as ever, and you had me at "Ho, go wash out yer beavah."

Bezzie said...

I'm always afraid those pics of me are going to end up on the internet...and I don't even have any cool boob bling-age!!!

Thanks for this post...I needed a good Penny-fix today!!!

Genki said...

Glad to see you posting more regularly. I'm really one to talk, but if my posts were a quarter as interesting as yours, I'd be very happy. By the way, love that knitting bag!

Alisha said...

I am dying about he low cut tops to church...that is something off of candid camera LOL

All your knits look great too!

Ed said...

Just got back.

Right, you had a flat in the garage? the tyre was worn and flat?!

And you called the RAC(AAA)

Next time get the apes to fix it and still walk to the kinema.

Look with this bloody long verification thing you have , oh hell look just shorten it or get rid of the damned thing.


Batty said...

If I'd realized that bag had skulls, I would have bought it, financial crisis be damned! It's more subtle than their last skully bag and definitely something you can take to work without people giving you weird looks. That's an asset in a bag.

That's what I like about my Church (both the one I was raised in and the one I go to): the priests are married. In the latter case, the priest is a woman. No ogling there.