Sunday, September 05, 2010

The best First Day Of School pic ever.

Y'all know I'm a bit more lax with my, erm, colorful language around my children than most parents are.  Along with the regular back-to-school preparations like buying clothes and school supplies, I subjected my Apes to a little quiz about which words are appropriate for school, and which words are not to leave our house.

Ok, kids - do we say Douchebag at school?
Do we say You Suck?
Noooo.  Oh, wait - can we say This Sucks?
Please don't.
Can we say Suck It?
Definitely not.  Don't say the word Suck at all.
What if the teacher asks us what we do to lollipops?
Don't answer.

And then this week Pie told me he was supposed to write about a happy memory.  I asked him what he wrote about.

Well, actually, I couldn't think of any, so I made up a story about us getting a hamster named Satan. 



Rosi g. said...

HAHAHAHA! Love it!

I'm lax around my kids, too. They have been forewarned since the age of 2 that just b/c mommy and daddy have potty mouths, it doesn't mean they should repeat what we say EVER -- at least not in front of anyone older than they are. So far so good!

knittingkitty said...

No kids here so thankfully cats can't repeat my swearing.
Thrilled to see you're back. Does this mean more fun blogging to come?

AECDesigns said...

OMG! That picture is awesome!
... and how is Satan?