Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Dis My Baskit."

This is for Turtlegirl.

One evening last week, I was reading Turtlegirl's blog, which often features gratuitious close-up shots of drool-worthy yarn as well as amusing photos (with clever captions) of the coolest kitties around, Ripple and Calvin. I usually get my 'puter time during the day when Beebie isn't home, so until then, she had really never had the pleasure of peeking in on some of the other blogs I read.

It might be partially because R's allergic and she knows we can't ever have a cat of our own, but Beeb couldn't get enough of Calvin. She scrolled through everything that wasn't kitty-related. Beeb could care less about the yarn (although I'm working on improving her appreciation of kickass yarns), but she was downright giddy reading all about Turtlegirl's little Calvin. And if you haven't seen Calvin, he really is a character. I look forward to Calvin posts almost as much as I do Turtlegirl's Yarn P0rn posts.

So I directed Beeb's attention to one of my favorite of Turtlegirl's posts and I read it out loud to her in a silly kitty voice as she looked over my shoulder. Beeb loved the pictures and the captions so much, she and I started cracking up and pretending to read the voices of Calvin and Ripple. My favorite part is dis my baskit.

The boys heard Beebie and me laughing and of course they came in to see what we were giggling about. And within a minute Beeb was perusing Turtlegirl's blog for more kittypics and reading out loud to her brothers for their amusement. The three of them looked at Turtlegirl's blog for about an hour, seriously, and I wish I had taken a picture of the three of them huddled at the desk with their little smiling faces lit by the monitor. It was a rare peaceful moment at my house, and I'm kicking myself now for not preserving it.

But I digress.

Later that evening, I heard the sound of two pairs of feet running around upstairs. I crept up the stairs to see what they were doing. I love to catch them in their most mischievous moments in hopes of cementing the fear in the back of their minds that at any time I could catch them red-handed doing stuff they know I won't be happy about, hoping it will serve as a deterrent. It hasn't worked too well so far.

But I peeked into the boys' room and saw Pie opening the closet door to find Tito hiding inside, whereupon Tito said, verbatim -

Go 'way Calvin, I'z hidin! Dis My Baskit! And they doubled over in hysterics.

What're you guys doing?

We're playing Calvin and Ripple!

Apparently, it's a variation of Hide and Seek where one of them (Ripple) hides somewhere, and when the other (Calvin) finds him, the hider says, Go 'way, Calvin, Dis My Baskit! And everyone busts a fuckin gut laughing.

I give them mad props for creativity.

Ok, and I have to add that as I was writing this post, the boys came in and saw R looking at the Kitty in the Basket post I linked to and they said Scroll down, Daddy! This part's funny!!! Ripple says "I'z hidin!!"


Calvin said...

But I likes da baskit!

Ripple said...

Go way Calvin. Dis my blog.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ohmigawd! You had ME rolling! This is like one of those internet vortexes where you're watching me and laughing and I'm watchin you laughing about my cats and my cats are all "mowr?" This is so funny. I'll have to get another baskit shot. Calvin is in Rip's KittyPi right now and I predict trouble.

Batty said...

I love Turtlegirl's blog too. Calvin and Ripple are extremely cute (my cat is looking over my shoulder and will claw my face off if I say the cutest). It really gets me that they play Calvin and Ripple. Now there's an unexpected game! I can't stop giggling.

cpurl17 said...

Dey iz kewl catz!

Your kids are adorable!

Bezzie said...

Did Tito open his eyes really wide when he told Pie to get out of his baskit?

Jo said...

That's so sweet! Willow is a big fan of the Ripple and Calvin pic as well ;)

chemgrrl said...

Hee! That is too cute.

Beverly said...

That is hilarious! They're (kitties and kids) are so cute.

Dulcedosa said...

LAWD! THEM CATS IS SO FUNNY! I LOVES ME SOME CALVIN & RIPPLE! TOO FUNNY! BTW! MISS KITTY is RIPPLE'S GURFRIEND. *cheese* I reckon we outta start some stories about their long distance relationship now.

Sarah said...


I love it!